Apple store to support Passbook-based purchases

Apple will reportedly be supporting Passbook-based purchases in-store, some time in the near future.

Those “familiar with Apple’s retail operations” claim that the EasyPay iPod touch payment system was recently updated with the ability to scan barcodes from Passbook. It seems most likely (according to sources) that users will be limited to purchasing prepaid gift cards through Passbook, though Apple may consider a method in which users could add funds to a dedicated Apple store digital gift card. Starbucks uses a similar solution already, though its app is more functional in this regard than interacting directly within Passbook.

Passbook has been rather quiet since its release, but it has been showing signs of growth. It was reported last week that 1,500 Major League Baseball e-ticked purchasers opted to have their tickets sent to Passbook, and 12% of all ticket holders oveerall chose to use Passbook.

Personally, I would expect Apple to support its own technologies as soon as possible, but theres always a chance it wants to test the waters – cautiously – before going going full force with Passbook. Have you used Passbook at all? Are you looking forward to using it for Apple store purchases?

Via: AppleInsider


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  • Captainchris

    I think passbook is neat but have not needed to use it. I wish it was simply a downloadable app. I would use to do movie tickets if a movie would come out I wanted to see. I feel that way about MOST of the pre installed apps. I know people follow stocks, but I don’t think enough people follow the stocks to force the app on all of us. I use reminders often enough, but I also wish it was a downloadable app. I know there is now way they would do that, but I sure wish they would.

  • Jellotime91

    I agree. I really wish Apple would allow us to at least *hide* the apps we’re not using. Especially Newsstand as you can’t put it in a folder. I wish they’d hide the Newsstand folder until you actually download a magazine. Same with passbook, hide it until I actually am using it.

  • Captainchris

    @Jellotime91 that would be sweet. Another part of the reason I wish they (or at least some of them) came from App Store is because the apps take up so much memory! I think a 16 gigabyte iPhone only comes with 13 gigs of free memory, and you know the built in apps are responsible for that.