Apple’s iPad Mini Preorders Begin This Friday, Start Shipping Next Week

I have to admit that while I look lovingly at my now old iPad 3, I have every intention of buying the iPad mini. Why? Because I’d love to replace my Kindle and the regular size iPad just isn’t comfortable to read in bed. Perhaps it’s a personal thing, but reading on a “full size” tablet, is just not something I particularly enjoy. Reading on a 7″ size tablet? It just fits in the hand better and feels like a world of difference. Is it crazy to think I need two iPads? Maybe, but I’m going to just call it a perk of the job.

All that said, when you can get your hands on one? Preorders begin this Friday, October 26th with WiFi orders shipping on November 2nd. The WiFi + 4G models will begin shipping two weeks later.

Check out all our coverage on the iPad Mini and it’s 7.9″ 1024 x 768 display, 10 hour battery, A5 processor, LTE connectivity, dual-band WiFi, FaceTime HD camera and lightning connector.

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  • PedroCst

    You’re a consumist.
    Buy one, and keep it for at least two years. First world problems…

  • I know, I’m terrible, and it’s a bad habit, for my wallet at least.

  • PedroCst

    @DavidBeren yeah you’re very conscious of everything… I admire you for being senseless