Apple holding seminar for third-party Lightning manufacturers?

We reported a while back that Apple had made some big changes to the “Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod” requirements. Well, TechCrunch has a report today saying that Apple is preparing to hold  a seminar on November 7-8 in Shenzen, China to inform manufacturers on how to go about building Lightning-compatible accessories. Apple is said to require that all products be certified and approved by Apple beforehand, and that third parties will need to purchase the Lightning pins directly from Apple. It’s said that the prices for these pins is not going to be outrageous, but will however be more than standards, such as USB. This may result in higher priced accessories for consumers.

What do you think? Disappointed Apple would do this? Should it just allow anyone like with the 30-pin accessories? Let us know in the comments.


Via: AppAdvice, TechCrunch

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  • JamesCE

    I’m not an apple fan but lets give them a chance… they said it would be cheap and in order for it to beneficial to third parties it has to be substantially cheaper than their accessories.

  • This may result in higher priced accessories for consumers..

  • yes,lots of iphone accessories was made by 3th party,always it is tiny accessory,but the main unit is made by themself.

  • beautiful phone,all my phone was bought from apple.