Apple files patent for hybrid wireless headphones

Gather round, it’s time for another Apple patent. This time, Apple is trying to patent something that’s pretty cool. They’re called ‘hybrid wireless headphones’, and are essentially headphones that can be magnetically detached and reattached from a cable, for wireless listening functionality.

Apple has explained that its wireless headphones would be convenient during physical activity, where normal headphones would get in the way.

It’s proposed that the headphones would be charged when fully attached and plugged into an iDevice.

Unlike most of the patents I see, this is one that actually has real world implications, and I can definitely see it emerging into production sometime in the near future. The trouble is, Apple has just released its Earpods, which are essentially redesigned earphones, so don’t expect the standard Apple Earpods to be replaced by ‘hybrid wireless headphones’, but rather imagine it becoming an Apple-built accessory.


Via: iLounge 

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