Apple breaks ground at new Oregon data center location

When it comes to Apple, things are done in mammoth scale. With more money in the bank than anyone could be bothered to count, it can pretty much buy and do what it wants. Back in February, Cupertino was reported to have purchased a huge 160 acre plot of land in Prineville, Oregon to build its next 338k square foot data center.

Today, our favorite fruit company has begun the first stages of building, by breaking ground to the tune of $68 million. Seriously, for $68 million I’d expect a gold plated house with a saffron infused olympic sized swimming pool, not just some dug up earth and trenches full of concrete. But, hey, this is Apple, and the final product will be a huge data center used to expand iCloud’s capabilities.

As noted by The Oregonian:

Apple has begun work on the first, $68 million phase of its new Prineville data center, clearing and flattening land for the one of two, 338,000 square-foot buildings atop the bluff that overlooks town… The price tag covers the cost of one building and two “data halls” inside. Plans filed with the city and Crook County last summer call for adding a second building and, eventually, 14 more data halls. 

The new center will be powered by renewable energy, similar to the solar powered behemoth in North Carolina.

Via: 9to5Mac, Oregonian

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