Android finally catches up iOS in number of apps available

Google has today announced that 700,000 apps are now available for its Android platform, meaning that, by number of apps available, Android and iOS are equal players in the mobile entertainment industry, according to Bloomberg.

Now, if you’re a bit of an Android fanboy, you may be cheering at this news, as Apple no longer holds the number one spot in the ongoing battle for the largest mobile operating system. But does this mean that developers will choose Android over iOS as their primary platform? As AppAdvice explains, probably not:

“This doesn’t mean, however, that Android is now somehow better than iOS. Most likely, most of those 700,000 apps were already available through the App Store. In other words, developers have finally found the time to move some of their most popular iOS apps to Android.”

Whatever way you choose to look at this news, there’s no denying that iOS and Android are the front runners of the mobile operating system race, and it’ll be interesting to see how the Google vs. Apple war continues from here, as both companies will strive to get their OS on top.


Via: AppAdvice



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  • ChintanTrivedi

    i’m just happy that nfs most wanted has been launched simultaneoulsy on ios and android….it shows developers are still interested in android and it is definitely catching up…..but no doubt app store is the bench mark….only reason why i would chose an iphone over my galaxy s 3 would be the games