A video look at the iPod touch 5th generation’s packaging

 Did you preorder the new iPod touch? The 5th generation of Apple’s newest iOS powered MP3 player just started shipping to those early birds today, and as you can see above, someone has already gotten their hands on one. If you don’t enjoy unboxings, but instead comparisons, below the same person compared the iPod touch 5th generation to an iPhone 4. As should be expected, it is much thinner, and of course taller because it sports the same 4-inch display as the iPhone 5. In the unboxing, you can see that Apple sticks with its trademark minimalist design, and of course it includes the new EarPods. Enjoy.

What do you think? Interested in buying one? Already preordered? Anything you dislike? Let us know in the comments.


Via: Cult of Mac

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