Verizon iPhone 5 is GSM unlocked according to reports

If you have a Verizon iPhone 5, you’re in for some good news. At least, if you travel around a lot. According to Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog “Big Red”‘s iPhone is carrier unlocked to any GSM network. The writer notes that he inserted an AT&T SIM in to his ViPhone and – sure enough – it picked up signal and displayed the “4G” icon.

And, just in case you’re unsure about Verizon’s happiness with this news:

“I did reach out to Verizon via phone, and they confirmed to me that the phone was unlocked, and that I could use it with another SIM, even though I’m under contract, and just signed on as a customer today. That’s great news for travelers, and a big win for customers. Let’s just hope things stay this way.”

So. Verizon is okay with it being unlocked, and more than happy with you using GSM SIM cards in it when you travel, as long as you carry on paying your monthly plan. I doubt AT&T’s iPhones have been given the same treatment.

Via: iDownloadBlog

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  • SLE3PY

    dude he is right I just tired it on T-Mobile and it worked.

  • Nick in KC

    What I dont understand is why Cricket is offering the iphone 5 WITHOUT contract for only $499….??

  • AlejandroVergara

    @SLE3PY did it work on edge or 3G?

  • SLE3PY

     @AlejandroVergara  @SLE3PY It’s on Edge but I heard from a close friend of mine that works at t-mobile corporate that T-Mobile should be getting the 3G speed Q1 in 2013

  • AlejandroVergara

    @SLE3PY how easy was it to trim the nano sim?

  • negrugabi90

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  • Wow! It’s pretty good news for me. I am using my Verizon iPhone 5 from 3 months ago. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.