TiP Daily: September 10, 2012 [VID]

TiP Daily September 10, 2012: T-Mobile is taking steps to make using the iPhone on its network as easy as possible, Spotify could launch a web presence, and more!

– T-Mobile unlimited and unlocked: http://tinyurl.com/c5j3zyv
– iPhone X in T-Mobile UK systems: http://tinyurl.com/bvk77b2
– iPhone 5 biggest upgrade: http://tinyurl.com/cw3euvv
– Spotify on the web: http://tinyurl.com/dxwbdz2

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  • DavidBrewer

    Apple sales iPhone 4 & 4S’s Unlocked on there website and I think in-store as well. They start at $649-$849 for the 4S and the 8GB iP4 is $549.

  • Buddy123

    AT&T unlocked my iPhone through iTunes , all you have to do is call customer service an then two or three days later they send you a email with instructions on what to do !!!!!!!

  • MacMyke

     @Buddy123 you should post the instructions,, you would become the worlds most popular guy instantly!

  • Buddy123

    The instructions are simple sync your iPhone with iTunes, but that’s not the key !!! The key is that AT&T puts a unlock code on your iPhones ID ## so when you plug it in an sync to iTunes it auto unlocks it that’s why you have to be approved by AT&T you know off contract an in good standing !!! Straight talk walks you through the rest when you call to order your sim card on there bring your own phone program !!! It’s great unlimited talk, text, & web with NO speed limit all for $45.00 a month !!!! And straight talk uses AT&T network !! I love it !!!!!!!

  • alodia7315

    T-Mobile is taking steps to make using the iPhone on its network.