Thickness difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 shown in pictures

Some new pictures from iResQ have just come out showing just how thing the iPhone 5 may be. In these pictures, the alleged iPhone 5 body is shown lying next to the current generation iPhone 4S. You can clearly see the difference in thickness, and this is just adding to my excitement for the upcoming device. The iPhone 5 is expected to be 18% thinner than the current gen devices, putting it at 7.6 mm thin. This most likely is accomplished by the elongated form, allowing components to be made taller inside as well. Also, the rearrangement of the headphone jack, and inclusion of a smaller dock connector most likely aids in the reduction. Below are more pictures posted by iResQ.

It is believed that the iPhone 5 will be announced at the event next Wednesday. Check out my predictions for what are coming here: Kyle’s Predictions.

What do you think? Excited for the event? Ready to get this in your hands? Let us know in the comments.


Via: MacRumors, iResQ

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  • Lee

    That’s an iPhone 4 not a 4S – Look where the splits in the metallic band are :)

  • Vedz

    I was hoping for a darker metallic band on the black model, oh well

  • KarimBhaidani

    its wrong they are using a iphone 5 white back/metallic band with a black screen

  • Get_LOUD_2012

    @Lee And they made a typo they put “thing” instead of thin. This guy mus of been asleep

  • eenbox

    It did not take much to validate rumors we read about! I am really excited to get i5 after using trial Galaxy S3 (verizon).it is a very polished Android device but there were several imperfections that I did not want to live with next two years ;) … So I’ll give it a chance: iPhone 5 it is … Waiting to see what it does and how it performs … I can always go back to S3 if i5 does not show the miracles as all iPhones did in the past … But it will deliver I am positive on that…
    Just for an FYI on 4 bars on verizon’s LTE network I got 17mbps downstreeam and more than 10mbps upstream… Ys, very very fast…

  • Faixan

    Stop making it thinner and give us more battery life. They could have used the gained space and made the battery bigger. When you tether, use 4G, or use this bigger screen, you’re going to draw more power. It’s not all about size…