T-Mobile announces ‘unlimited and unlocked iPhone’ initiative

T-Mobile has just announced its new ‘unlimited and unlocked iPhone’ plans, bringing confirmation that T-Mobile is upping its support for the iPhone.

T-Mobile is the only US carrier not to offer the iPhone, however it claims that over 1 million of its customers do use the device. For many years those users have suffered the horror of operating on Tmo’s 2G EDGE data service (which is significantly slower than the 3G and 4G speeds offered by its rivals) because T-Mobile uses the AWS spectrum for 3G data, a frequency not supported by the iPhone.

T-Mobile has been increasing its 4G HSPA+ service that operates on the 1900MHz frequency, this is supported by the iPhone, and is part of T-Mo’s plans to switch over to LTE.

Alongside this push, T-Mobile has recently launched a marketing campaign that claims users will save over $50 a month by switching their unlocked iPhones to T-Mobiles unlimited data plan, rather than one of AT&T’s puny tiered plans.

These phones will have to be unlocked, so if you don’t own an iPhone already, you’ll have to buy one directly from Apple, which will probably put a rather large dent in the $1200 you’ll have saved over the period of a 2 year contract. T-Mobile’s employees will shortly begin training in the art of iPhone set up, and T-Mobile is developing iOS versions of its my Account, Visual Voicemail and TV apps.

This is a huge step forwards for T-Mobile, and one that will definitely help push them in forwards in terms of customer base, however, they will still be lagging behind the big guns. What are your thoughts on this development?


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  • samichaels96

    I guess that if you cannot get the device locked on your network, or don’t want to pay the millions, if not billions, to have it on your network, then there is always the option of refarming your network to support the higher data speeds of the device and support unlocked devices. I would think that T-Mo and Apple would come to some kind of agreement to sell unlocked iPhones in T-Mo stores and to offer T-Mo service on unlocked devices through Apple retail locations.

  • Guest

    even though the price point in plans sound great, I really don’t see the average customer going out and buying a 500 and up for an unlocked phone whether its an iphone or an android or whatever. Most people are used to the subsidized phone route. To be honest they really shouldn’t adveritise this until the spectrum  is complete throughout the enitre United States. I’ve also read from certain commenters on Tmonews in the Seattle area and NYC, that have only seen a 3g signal for like 2 min then it was gone. While this does sound great, I’ll wait.

  • Winski

    Most of these ‘Un-limited plans REQUIRE A NEW, 2-YEAR CONTRACT COMMITMENT !!!!

    That’s even if you bring your own phone !!!!! Idiotic..

  • Guest

    yes that is silly. If I was to do the unlocked phone way I would bring it to prepaid. That way my bill would be even cheaper.

  • Winski

    @Guest -Actually under T-Mumble’s backwards way of approaching marketing of any type, their prepaid plans are MORE EXPENSIVE !!!! You got to remember that the CMO that just got blowed up at T-Mumble was the third dumbest human alive, so it may take them some time to recover…

  • apexgroove

    Even if you don’t meet AT&T’s requirements to unlock your iPhone, it can still be done with UnlockStreak activations for iTunes, which turns it into iPhone unlock software. That type of unlock is permanent like the one from AT&T. 

  • @Winski are you fucking kidding me? Their prepaid is more expensive? Unlimited plans starting a $50 vs AT&T $100+? They even have lower plan for $30. I not a big talker so the $30 plan is just right 100 min and unlimited text with “unlimited” data 5GB full speed then slowed to edge.

  • BillThomas

    Give it time and the iPhone will be on T-Mobile 

  • spinspinsugar

    well they better hurry up getting it of edge,you cant do anything right on such a slow speed.

  • @spinspinsugar look at this site http://www.airportal.de/ it shows the 1900 band for unlocked att phones and iphones. Its a newer site so not all points are on here

  • spinspinsugar

    @emburybrett Thank you.

  • iPhone, however it claims that over 1 million of its customers do use the device. For many years those users have suffered the horror of operating on Tmo’s 2G EDGE data service

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