Sunday Funday: Two More iPhone 5 Video Clips Include A Parody And Super Glue

The Internet is wasting no time in taking the opportunity to ride the iPhone 5 news train and with that in mind, we present to you two more video clips to hoping to entertain. The first is the brainchild of the team and shows what happens when you super glue a brand new iPhone 5 to the ground in the middle of a public square. You’ve likely all seen a practical joke where someone glues a quarter to the ground or someone attaches a piece of string to a dollar bill — now it’s time for a refreshing take on an old trick.

The second clip takes on the most notable change to the iPhone 5: the taller display as Apple changes up the formulas for the first time adding an extra 0.5″ to their smartphone. While some may criticize Apple for only increasing the height and not the width, nobody is having more fun with it than the folks who enjoy producing a good parody video.

Therefore, we present to you “iPhone 5: The tallest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.”

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  • MaeganBabcock

    The parody video is way better than the super glue one.