Starbucks landing on Passbook by month’s end

If, like me, you’ve despaired at the lack of useful passes within Apple’s new Passbook feature in iOS 6, you could be in luck. Starbucks has announced (via twitter) that its own Passbook enabled app is set to debut at the end of this month. In short: expect it in the next week. This comes as welcome news to those of us in the UK who’ve only been given access to Airlines so far.

If you want to see exactly what is available now, open up the Passbook app, then click the app store link at the bottom of the page. It will then take you to a short list of compatible programs with the iOS App Store.

Via: Starbucks


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  • JeffWilliams

    If you download something and add it to passbook, you can’t see the link to download other apps anymore.  Anyone know if Apple will give Passbook its own category soon like it did Newsstand?