Spotify to launch web presence?

Rumors over the weekend were surrounding the future of our much loved music streaming provider, Spotify. Since launching in the States last year, the company’s success has been evident to all. In that time we’ve seen a few updates to the iPhone app as well as the introduction of the version optimized for Apple’s 9.7″ tablet. However, as noted by TechCrunch, we’ve not seen much love for the desktop version of the app for some time. Thankfully, there appears to be good reason for it.

Multiple sources have confirmed to both TechCrunch and AllThingsD that the company has been working behind the scenes on a web-based version that’ll work within your browser. That means that in the near future you won’t need a native app on your desktop at all to listen to your favorite music.

Along with moving to the web, the redesign will focus more on discovery, including following the listening habits and playlists of influencers in addition to your friends.

So, as well as going online, it’s getting even more social too. Within the same article TechCrunch‘s sources claimed that the premium was going to drop to $8 per month. AllThingsD quickly debunked that speculation. Although, I’m not entirely convinced that it needs to be cheaper at all. The quantity and quality of music available makes Spotify fantastic value for money.

Personally, I’m happy with my desktop client. I use as many native apps as I can for all services that can be used in-browser. I just don’t trust Safari or Chrome enough to play music uninterrupted for this to benefit me. Plus, I have something of an allergy to overcrowding my browser with tabs. The fewer the better.

Via: CultofMac
Sources: TechCrunch, AllThingsD

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