Speck FabShell for iPhone 5: Review and Gallery

With all this hustle and bustle over the black iPhone 5 scratching, I caved in and bought a case. Personally, I am very over-protective and cautious with my tech devices. I even swore I would never buy a case for my iPhone (my parents and girlfriend will attest to that), but when I heard and saw how easily it seems to scratch, I had to put some form of protection on it. So when it came to choosing a case, I had to get something that was nice, not some knock off. I have always bought from Speck beginning 4 years ago with my MacBook case, so I decided to go back to them for my iPhone 5. This is split into 3 sections: protection, style, and durability.


The most important part of any case is how well it can protect your phone, right? Well, if you are like me and take great care of your devices (e.g. not constantly dropping, spilling things on it, letting stuff fall on it, etc) then this case is perfect. It has a layer of rubber directly on the inside up against the phone, which then has hard plastic over that. This case isn’t going to bend easy, nor will it be easy for sharp things (such as needles or something of that nature, if you’re into that sort of thing) to poke through the outer coating. Outside of that plastic is a great feeling fabric, but that will be touched on a little more in the next section.

One question this case must be asked though with the iPhone 5, specifically the black one, is will it prevent the scratches and scuffs? Well in the last 72 hours that I have had it, after I took off the case it was as flawless as when I put it on. Before putting on the case of course you will want to make sure that your iPhone 5 is nice and clean with no dirt hiding in between that precious metal and the rubber case. Overall, my phone looks still brand new once I wipe it off with a micro fiber cloth. However, if you are someone that constantly drops their phone, even though the iPhone 5 has faired very well in drop tests, this might not be the one for you.


Everyone’s style is different, so Speck makes 7 designs for this case. Granted, 5 out of the 7 are more female centric (not that there is anything wrong with that, woman need cases for their phones as well), they are still great cases. I have always been a fan of black/white designs (personally prefer black/red, but Speck doesn’t offer that in this style), and have also always liked straight angled lines. I’m a design freak, hence my love of Apple products. So when it came time to choose a case for the very precise, very well built iPhone 5, I felt I needed to get something that helped keep with that trend.

One of the first things I noticed when I put it on my phone is this has to be one of the lightest cases I’ve had. Holding the iPhone 5 with the case on is probably still lighter than and iPhone 4/4S without a case. It is just that light. Aside from that, this case is a perfect fit. It doesn’t feel loose, doesn’t feel like it’s too tight where it will be impossible to get off, but it won’t just fall off easily either. The fabric feel of the back makes it very comfortable to hold in hand, and the rubber edges will keep it looking good after a long times use. Overall, the look and feel of this case is phenomenal. If you get cases just for looks, or even feel, this is definitely one to look in to.


What good is a case if it only lasts a few weeks? Not much at all. So you need a case that is going to protect your phone, look good while doing it, and last you a good while too. This case definitely feels like it is going to last. There aren’t any loose edges or peeling back areas that could potentially start coming apart on this. All in all, this case is very well put together. If you are someone that is going to be roughing up your case a little, this feels like it should be able to hold up a fair amount of damage before you would need to begin the search for a new case.


My overall rating for this case is an 8 out of 10. The only thing keeping it from being higher is that it doesn’t come in enough colors/patterns, and it’s not a very drop-friendly case. The iPhone 5 itself though seems like it does well at dealing with falls, so that most likely isn’t the biggest setback. I have already recommended this case to many of my friends who purchased or plan on purchasing an iPhone 5, and will continue to do so. I love this case, and don’t think you are doing the wrong thing by getting one. If you are interested, go here to check it out: Speck FabShell for iPhone 5

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  • iUmair

    I returned a speck candyshell case for the fabshell burton case. It was a good decision: the fabshell has a much cleaner design, and does not idolize scratches like the candyshell. Great post btw!