Rovio’s latest app, Bad Piggies feels familiar – but in a good way [Review]

If you didn’t see my article about it earlier, ‘Bad Piggies’ is essentially the follow up to Rovio’s ever popular ‘Angry Birds’, which has been one of the most downloaded games on the app store ever since its release in late 2009. I’ve been playing around with this game for a little while, and I can already see that Rovio will repeat its previous success with its latest title.

If you’ve ever played angry birds (which you probably have, considering how many platforms it’s available on), then Bad Piggies will be familiar to you, right from the off. In essence, the menu of the game is a Ctrl C – Ctrl V job. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it does make the app seem like a shameless spin off of Rovio’s previous hit, rather than the something new and refreshing, although, you know, why mess with success?

As for the gameplay, I’m happy to report that, although it shares the same graphics and physics with Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is a much different experience. It is certainly reminiscent of its predecessor, but the aim is totally different. Instead of firing birds at pigs, which gets very boring after a while, you now build a vehicle that will transport your pig to a finish line. This makes the game way more diverse than Angry Birds, and it remains interesting, as there are options to build land vehicles and air vehicles, along with awesome ‘sandbox’ levels to “stretch your creativity”.

The game could be longer, but that’s just me knit-picking really, as it really is quite difficult to find faults in it, because as far as gameplay goes, it’s excellent.

However, even though this game is pretty flawless, if you own a fifth generation iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll be disappointed to discover that it isn’t yet fully compatible with your device, which isn’t great, but Rovio claim to be mending this. Also, if you use an older iDevice (like me, I used an iPhone 3GS to play this game), you might notice some slight lag while playing, but in all honesty, you won’t see it often.

Overall, if you want a fun new game to play on your iDevice, then you should definitely consider Bad Piggies. It may be similar to Angry Birds, but trust me, it’s miles better. I wasn’t a fan of Angry Birds because of it’s repetitiveness, but I haven’t become bored of Bad Piggies. So, if you have can bring yourself to spare 99 cents (or 69p in the UK), then pick this app up from the App Store, because you won’t regret it.

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