R.I.P iPhone 3GS, I’ll miss you

The first iPhone I ever bought was the 3GS. I’d borrowed the 3G from a friend for a while and fell in love with the design, the way it worked and how comfortable it was in hand. It was enough to convince me to get the 3GS on launch day. Thankfully, iPhone popularity was still to grow in the UK and my local store still had plenty of stock at midday. That was June 19th, 2009.

3 years, 2 months and 25 days later and Apple has officially discontinued what I still consider to be my favorite phone of all time. Sure, its specs were outclassed by phones like the Nexus One, but it was the first and only phone that’s lasted me the entire 12 months without wanting to swap for anything else. If you know my phone history, you’ll know that’s a huge deal.

“Launched in June of 2009, Apple’s iPhone 3GS has had a good long run. But with the iPhone 5 set to arrive in a little over a week, that run has come to an end. Apple is discontinuing the 3GS, a company spokesperson confirmed to AllThingsD.”

The weird thing is, it’s the only product that I’ve genuinely missed, and still miss from when I sold it two years ago to buy the iPhone 4. I’d buy one again if they didn’t hold their value so well. However much I’m excited about the iPhone 5, and will certainly be buying one, I’m pretty convinced it won’t steal a place in my memory like the 3GS did. Neither the 4 or 4S has, and it’s mostly down to the shape of the phone. They don’t feel like they belong in your hand the way Apple’s 3rd generation iPhone did.

However baseless, and in vain my hope may be, I still hope that Apple returns to a rounded back again someday, just to make my iPhone a joy to hold once again.

What are your thoughts? Did you love the 3GS, or are you won over by the impressive technological and manufacturing feats accomplished in the iPhone 4/4S/5?

Via: AllThingsD

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  • Nate B

    I’m using a 3Gs right now and while it’s functional, it feels pretty long in the tooth. As soon as the 5 is up for preorder it will be on my credit card. I’m leaning toward only buying one and swaping to my wife’s current 4 for a bit.

  • Cleevens Joseph

    As long as it keeps on receiving iOS updates it aint dead ..theres still alot of people with em but by the way  the iphone 4 dropped to $99 dollars its in the iCU ..lol

  • TodaysiPhone

    @AliG_1122 Ha! I like that you took our Live Blog graphic as your Avatar. Thanks!

  • charles6462

    I loved my 3GS best iPhone ever.

  • radit_bezit

    @tephoss mo beli yang baru tah? Cieeee

  • tephoss

    @radit_bezit lho itu berita beneran,udah ga diproduksi lagi 3GS..dibuka donk link-nya geulis ;)

  • iMan

    @Cleevens Joseph the 4 is free. 4S is 99.

  • Archer

    You never forget your first….. iPhone.

  • bryan olivares

    im still with my iphone 3gs today november 1st 2013 while it was discontinued in 2012 of september….. i love my 3gs and it works perfectly with simcard for atnt or t..mobile …… i gotta say that it still as if today it has a sleek design not like most common iphone designs today …… and by the way  i wont be upgrading at all even doe the apple company offerred me  a iphone 4 or cash  in order for me to hand my 3gs in ……. and im very sad  that the old iphones -2G- 3G – 3G,S /  life has come to an end . but whoever still has these iphones  like me  they are very rare now  in my opinion and it brings out alot of memories ….

    r.i.p iphone 3gs /  jun 2 , 2009   Till  sept – 17, 2012…..