NYC Apple related crimes increasing 10 times faster than the general crime rate

The NYPD have reported that crimes involving Apple products have shot up by an incredible 40% between January 1 and September 23, 10 times that of the increase of general crimes in the same period. There have been 11’447 instances of stolen Apple devices in the said time, according to the NYPD and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Gothamist reported:

“When broken down by crime category, the theft of Apple products so far this year represented:

– 204% of the 1% in overall increase in burglaries, an increase of 250 burglary incidents overall v an increase of 511 incidents in which Apple products were burgled;

– 160% of the 4% increase in robberies overall, an increase of 606 robbery incidents overall v an increase of 968 incidents in which Apple products were robbed;

– 69% of the 9% increase in grand larcenies overall, an increase of 2,600 grand larcenies overall, of which 1,803 involved Apple products.”

The numbers are incredible, and really show the ‘desirability factor’ of Apple products. To try and cut the theft stats down, the NYPD have introduced their “Operation ID” initiative, in which they will note the serial numbers of Apple devices to try and track stolen products.


Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Tonybabo

    New York is like East Germany anymore. In all serious there probably trying to look for a way in to have a extra tax on people buying apple iPhones and iPads. Why should they not make all that extra money when people stand in line. That’s how pathetic these politicians are. Flat out crooks

  • Tonybabo

    NY is trying to get people to register there iPhones like there Guns!!! I don’t believe for a second this is for helping with stolen phones this is for being able to track the owners and citizens. Do not volunteer to register your phone. Don’t make it easy on them. There using crime to scare people into registering there phones. Why? Why treat a phone like a weapon? Cause it kind of is. It can take pics, video, spread information quick. What if your a libertarian minded media person and they decide they want to see what on your phone. Or what if they want to jam your camera from working when your near the federal reserve, whatever it is this is creepy. Like i said earlier NY is more like east Germany now!!! I thought soda ban was bad enough this us just plain scary.