No US carrier will support HD Voice/Wideband audio on iPhone 5, Sprint confirms also

This is some disappointing news for those of us residing in the United States. Looking at the details from the Keynote yesterday, it’s been discovered that no US carrier will support the new Wideband audio, or HD Voice, on their network. This disappoints me mostly because most, if not all of the carriers actually support it in one way or another, but are choosing not to use in favor of newer technologies. Sprint went as far as confirming it for us that they out of the major 4 will for sure not support it. From PhoneScoop, who got the info:

But Sprint spokesperson Michelle Leff Mermelstein confirmed to Phone Scoop that the iPhone 5 will not support Sprint’s version of HD Voice. Most carriers offering HD Voice around the world are doing so on WCDMA networks, whereas Sprint’s HD Voice service operates over CDMA 1x Advanced technology.

For those of you not on Sprint, you may wonder why the other 3 are not. For Verizon, it looks to be the same, however it is unconfirmed. AT&T and T-Mobile however should have no excuse, as they have the technology readily available for use. However, they are simply choosing not to put it in action. Here is a short explanation from Cult of Mac:

You can use a codec called AMR-WB over a 3G GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile, but they’re so busy rolling out their 4G networks that they won’t support it.

So it would seem they are just too preoccupied. If I wasn’t on Verizon and instead were on AT&T/T-Mobile, I would be upset about that. They have it but are just going to overlook it? I may be in the minority though with caring about it.

What do you think? Disappointed this won’t come to the US? Are you preordering the iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments.


Via: 9to5Mac, PhoneScoop, Cult of Mac, PC Mag

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  • Thats said :(

  • rhymiZ

    The lack of research that was done to build this phone results in disappointments like these… there will be more. Count on it.

  • DannyDonckht

     @iPhone User Well of course that was said, right in this post.

  • EuroYellaDude

    Personally I believe the lack of HD Voice in the latested apple iPhone 5 might be due to patent restrictions… HTC provides HD voice so why couldnt APPLE? It’s no big deal anyway, apple phones (speaking of the iPhone 4-4S) have some of the most clarity in voice calls… I’m not thrilled but not as excited about the iPhone 5 as I was for the 4 or 4S… But overall great quality product, Apple appears to for once not be ahead of the GAME seems like, hmmmm… sept 21 2012 will be interesting to see how many in stock iPhone 5’s will remain on the shelves…

  • jake

    I’m personally waiting for a Note 2 and won’t be getting another iPhone.  I don’t know much about HD voice, but it seems to me that its just another case of bandwidth greed.   Improving voice quality with a higher bitrate codec would take a tiny bit more bandwidth that they couldn’t charge data rates on.  Expect more of the same in the years to come.  No competition for the market as the spectrum has already been purchased.  I’d hate to see the Gov’ment get their crooked fingers into any more pies, but regulation may be the lesser of two evils in this case.

  • KVKdragon

    I’m not really that concerned with HD voice because it seems like it’s the kind of thing to turn on when you have a bad cell signal. The one thing AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint need to do for iPhones on their networks is to allow calls to be made through WiFi but at the same time using minutes in a minute plan. It’s the perfect solution to most cell signal dilemmas and it’s pretty useful for a daily use thing as well. It doesn’t really sound that difficult if T-Mobile can do this for their Android phones. But I digress