Meet the new Nokia Lumia mini (aka iPod nano)

If you thought the colors of the new iPod touch were shocking, you should see this image:

Considering its recent court-side dealings, you’d think Apple’s designers might want to avoid making copy-cat products. Sadly, the team didn’t get the memo, and when designing the brand new iPod nano generation, some design influences were clearly taken from Nokia’s unique Lumia lineup. Apart from the vast difference in size, the two products look almost identical. Seriously what was Apple thinking? I’m no legal expert, so I’m not sure if trade dress infringement can be sued against when it comes to two different types of product. Given that size and user interface are worlds apart on these two, Cupertino may be safe. That said, if I was a member of Nokia’s design team, I’d be very pissed right now.

Via: BGR

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  • JonnyFonseca

    um remember the nokia coppied them! the ipod nano always looked like this! and now that it happens to have a bigger screen they copy nokia? dont hink so bud!

  • davemarks

    exactly what i was gonna say @JonnyFonseca this just looks like the old ipod mini with the front of a white iphone on it…

  • kdbealmear

    Ok, I am so tired of people comparing the Nokia to the iPod nano because the iPods other than the touch have been coming in colors for year’s. and it looks more like a mix of the 5th and 6th generation.  This is a Ipod and not a cellphone and there are so many other differences.  Its square and has color thats really copying Nokia.  I don’t agree with the Apple and Samsung Lawsuit but the patent infringement’s were mostly to due with software.  I admit Apple has copied but this argument has no ground’s.

  • jdoss

    You could also spin it the other. iPod Mini anyone? way.

  • TiP_Cam

    I said nothing about colors. It’s the look of the design. Rectangle with sharp corners (one color) and the display on top with rounded corners in an opposing color. Could be black and white for all I care, the design would still look the same. 

  • Joe

    The Nano came first –

  • Guest911

     @TiP_Cam Cam – you said it. You are not a lawyer. Writing an article just for the sake of it is childish. At least spend a few minutes researching which product came first or how Nokia (yes Nokia) may have taken inspiration from Apple. No offense but set a higher standard for yourself.

  • TiP_Cam

    lol. Sure. Nokia’s Lumia copied an iPod… which one exactly? 

  • SkyPira

    @Joe I don’t know which nano youre referring to, but this new nano obviously did not come out before the lumia. The lumia was released about a year ago (the original 900, that is).

  • LV2355

    If you buy a Nokia Lumia you’ll get a free iPod :)

  • hateu2

     @jdoss how does that look anything like that?!?!?!? hahaha omg

  • hateu2

     @TiP_Cam hey guest 911 you obviously dont see the point in this article. go complain somehwere else

  • hateu2

     @davemarks  @JonnyFonseca this looks nothing like the ipod mini are you blind??!?!!

  • jdoss

     @hateu2 You seriously don’t see the rounded sides, flat top & bottom with a plastic cap. Colors aren’t really the issue, but the colors are even the same general hue. The writer is making a point that Apple copied Nokia, but the truth is that Apple has been using this “type” of design for years