Kyle’s predictions for the iPhone 5 event

As many of you know, Apple has finally confirmed the rumors of an event happening next week, September 12th. I don’t know about you all, but I am excited as ever for this years event. There are many things expected to be talked about at this event, from the iPhone, to the iPad mini, to a refreshed iPod lineup. Here are my predictions for the upcoming event that is sure to be a big one.


1. The iPhone 5. 

Of course this is on the list, and of course it is first. Let’s start with the name. New iPhone? iPhone 5? Next iPhone? 2012 iPhone? What will it be? Well, after seeing today’s invitation, I think it’s fairly clear. The next iPhone will be named the iPhone 5. Just look at that giant “5” in the shadow of the “12.” What more do you need? This, at first, upset me. I didn’t want it to be named the iPhone 5 for one main reason – it’s the 6th generation. Why call it the iPhone 5, when the 4S is the 5th revision of the device? I can only come up with one reason, and I think it’s a good one. Consumers want an iPhone 5. Those of us that are more in-the-loop with technology, understand that this is the 6th generation, but if you remember last year, the iPhone 5 was what everyone wanted. It is still what everyone wants. So now Apple is going to give it to them. It’s purely a marketing ploy. That’s why the next iPhone, will be named the iPhone 5.

Now, what features will the iPhone 5 include? There have been rumor after rumor for feature after feature. But, what is actually going to happen? The one thing I think we all agree is coming is a bigger screen. The exact dimensions are still unclear, as we have heard 3.85″, 4″, 4.x”, etc. I am guessing that they will simply say 4 inches. Why? It’s one number. It’s easy to remember. It won’t confuse anyone. Also, the screen will not get both wider and taller, only taller. The display will still have the “Retina” tag on it, as the ppi will not change. Also, LTE. The new iPad has LTE, and I personally love it. Here in the US, Verizon is by far the biggest and best provider of LTE, and that is who I have my iPad through. I can’t wait to be rocking LTE on my iPhone 5. That is probably one of my personal most wanted and hoped for features. NFC is a big area for debate also. Many were saying Apple was finally going to make NFC popular by putting it in the new iPhone, but new reports are looking like it isn’t going to happen. As much as I want NFC in the iPhone 5, I don’t see it happening, for one major reason – Passbook. Passbook doesn’t use NFC, and it works on older models. Apple doesn’t need NFC with Passbook. However, it is still a possibility, and though I don’t think it’s coming, I still would be happy to see it. You can’t talk about the iPhone 5 without talking about that metal back, either. I love it. The two-tone is there most likely because of radio frequencies, so I will deal. I prefer the look of the black metal, as I have always been a fan, but the white does look nice in its own right.


2. The iPad mini.

Can you really talk about an Apple event without bringing up the iPad mini? Didn’t think so. The iPad mini has oft been rumored, but it has been getting much more attention recently. I could just stop here, and say that no, I don’t believe the iPad mini is being announced next week. But I’m not going to do that. The iPad mini, I believe, will have a little bit of time at the Apple event. They love to pull a “One more thing…” and, I think this might be it. Steve Jobs was always the best at doing this, but it’s almost been a year now since his passing, so I think they will want to show that his vision of a great future at Apple still lives on. That might be thinking a little deep, but you have to remember, Apple works on these products years in advance. Steve has put his touch on the products that will be released this year, that’s almost a guarantee. The iPad mini is a touchy subject because of the wide range of rumors that have come out. The one that I see as the most believable, is the iPad mini having around a 7.85″ screen, and a thinner bezel. Similar to that of the iPod touch.

I remember when the original iPad came out, everyone (well, aside from the Apple enthusiasts) said “It’s just a bigger iPod touch! No one will want it!” Well, sorry (not really), but the market has proven this to be more than just a bigger iPod touch. This will again pull the same critics out of their holes to say it is just a “bigger iPod touch” though. They will say that the Kindle Fire and the Galaxy Tabs are nothing like giant Android phones (ever used the original Galaxy Tab? I felt like I was holding an over sized phone, it even had the phone app on it). We will just have to let the market, yet again, decide the fate of the iPad mini. I think it will succeed. It appeals to those users that want a smaller tablet, but don’t really want to go Android. They want something they know they can rely on, an Apple product.


3. Refreshed iPods.

I contemplated putting this. Refreshed iPods. I don’t think they will be in this event, and if they are, it will be short, sweet, and to the point. It will be iPhone iPhone iPhone then, “Here are the new iPods. The iPod touch, with revamped internals same as iPhone 5. iPod shuffle, slight redesign and more storage. [Maybe cheaper price.] And the iPod nano, a new design with same storage and price options.” Then will come the one more thing and a long talk on the iPad mini and how it came to be. The iPhone 5 will rule this event, right out of the gate, and the iPad mini is the second thing people will be interested in, so why throw out time for those two talking about iPods that really deserve their own event? That is why I don’t see them coming at this event. I am thinking that the iPods will get refreshed lineups a little closer to the holiday season, so that the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini sales have time to calm down (a little at least, as they will most likely sell like crazy this holiday season as well) before the iPods get announced.


So there you are, my predictions for the upcoming September 12th Apple event. I have had a countdown on my phone for that day since the rumors first started coming in, and it’s finally real. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5 more than anything, but the iPad mini would be nice to see so we can put the never ending rumor to rest. Simply put, at this event I expect the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini (if anything other than just the iPhone 5 that is), and most likely no iPod refreshes, but if there are, they will be quickly over shadowed by the phone and tablet.

What do you think? What is your take on the event? Anything I missed? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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  • VictorRios1

    iOS 6?

  • KyleFrost

    @VictorRios1 I just assumed that was a given, but good observation. (:

  • VictorRios1

    @KyleFrost it just wasn’t mentioned in this article that’s all but we’ll have to wait and see what Apple has up it’s sleeve.

  • Buddy123

    It will be the IWATCH !!!!!!!!

  • KyleFrost

     @VictorRios1  It’s almost certain iOS 6 will be released, as it would coincide with the iPhone 5. No new iPhone has been released with last gen’s iOS. iPhone 3G – 2.0. iPhone 3GS – 3.0. iPhone 4 – 4.0. iPhone 4S – 5.0 So, that leaves iPhone 5 – 6.0.

  • ethand3

     @KyleFrost  @VictorRios1 FYI…
    Not on the Apple US website but on the Australian site for some reason.

  • RyanKayne

    I can’t wait to get the new iPhone 5!  I just read another article with leaked photos and video here: