Is your iPhone 5 camera creating these purple halo/flaring effects?

An interesting report and set of images have cropped up thanks to Anandtech and CultofMac that point to what could be a slight fault with some iPhone 5 cameras. What the photographs show is a purple halo/flaring effect when the cameras refract some direct light of any kind. It’s not – by any means – every single iPhone.

I’ve tested mine, and thankfully haven’t had any issues. If you want to test yours, open up your camera app and point it at a source of bright light. Check out the flares/halo effects and see if it gives you a purple haze. CultofMac comments further:

Some iPhone 5 camera enthusiasts have commented that Apple has changed the noise on photos from speckles to smearing, and that this may cause the purple halo effect to be more pronounced in photos. We reached out to Apple for comment this morning on the issue but have yet to receive an official reply related to this issue.

One of the reasons – if you remember – why Apple didn’t release the iPhone 4 in white on time is that the camera was malfunctioning due to the white paint somehow. Seemingly, Apple hasn’t been as stringent on testing this camera.

We’d love to hear from you guys. If you’ve experienced the issue, feel free to message us with an image on facebook or tweet @TiP_Cam.

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  • AdamAragon

    Clearly you mean the new “Purple Halo” Feature. The refraction index of the sapphire crystal cover over the iPhone 5 Lens provides a stunning and unique Vibe to your photos that no other camera provides… SPIN ACHIEVED

  • TiP_Cam

     @AdamAragon Haha. Love it! 

  • Beau3o

    @TiP_Cam but I like the purple effect it adds to pictures I think.

  • Tonybabo

    No problem here!!!!

  • Mark_Fetters

    @TiP_Cam here is a picture from my phone this is HDR

  • tommybarriere

    had this problem on my 4

  • rynewstrom

    Mine has it. I am very unhappy.