Is The iPhone’s Biggest Setback Its Lightweight Form Factor? These Folks Think So

This is one of those articles I was on the fence about writing, so I hope you’ll find some humor in it as I did. The thing is, after every iPhone launch, there’s always a critic, or someone who thinks the new iPhone boring, or someone that says Apple didn’t change the home screen, introduce live tiles or themes, or this or that or something else. We know this to be a staple part of the aftermath of any Apple iPhone keynote and so it doesn’t really tend to bother the iPhone diehards who not only expect, but anticipate disappointment these days.

Still, the Tweets collected by the folks at Gizmodo made wonder a little. We know there are going to be folks who aren’t happy with any new iPhone launch considering the expectations that we, the media help create. Had Apple made the phone heavier, would these same folks be complaining about it being too thick? I’m not saying that it’s not ok to complain or be disappointed, but I think we should all try and appreciate what Apple has done with their technology, especially considering how well-built the iPhone 5 is compared to the competition.

I’m not saying being lighter is a good thing, or a bad thing, but the reasoning here does seem a little silly or maybe after this week I’m just tired, loopy and finding humor where none exists. What do you think? Too light? Just right? Doesn’t matter?


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  • SuarezJimmy

    It’s perfect as light as a #2 pencil and I love it! I’m sure those folks that are complaining have a Samsung phone and are trying to create a negative vibe for apple to each is own we all know what apple did and continues to do make quality products that change the market and have the competitors screaming foul

  • Danny Boy

    wait wait…is there a tweet in there that the screen looks small? Clearly has never used an iphone before.  The thing feels like i’m holding a tv remote half the time.

  • KyleFrost

    I love the one saying it is like a Samsung phone, and that it feels “flimsy.” That in and of itself makes that person sound very uneducated on the subject. Please, tell me a thin plastic back feels like an aluminum one. Please.

  • KVKdragon

    I find it funny that they care that much about how light it is. Before the smartphone era of 2007, we all used to complain about how heavy and/or bulky our phones were :P

  • BrainRoopull

    I need to chime in, hoping to shed some light on why folks would want a heavier phone.First, keep in mind the simply physics in that weight and inertia play a huge roll in how easy something is to handle.  Things that are super light tend to just bounce in our hand, just sitting there.  Heavy things sink into our palms a bit & hold themselves in place.  It didn’t help the 4S’s ergonomics that it was flat & glossy with absolutely no surface designed for gripping.  Perhaps that metal back on the 5 is “grippier.”For some of us, lighter phones are just harder to hold onto.  There’s a “sweet spot” with weight, and what that is will be different for everyone.  Granted, for some, anything from Apple will instantly be in the “sweet spot,” and for others, anything from Apple will be too…  whatever…In truth, this is a bit of a silly argument.  For me, yeah, the iPhone is a little light to “feel right” in my hand, but it simply doesn’t matter.  Not since my dumbphone days have I carried a phone with no case.  I generally have no idea what kind of phone anyone else is carrying because virtually everyone wraps them in a case.  The weight & size of the phone become almost trivial when you wrap that bad boy in an OtterBox!    And why wouldn’t you wrap it in a case?  It’s a tiny handheld device that will likely break if you drop it!  I don’t care if it’s an iPhone, Android, or WP8 device.  Wrap that sucker in a big ole’ chunk of rubber & plastic & quit whining about the weight.  MOOT POINT.PS…  I’m using a tiny Android phone.  I thought it was too light when I bought it, too (4.9 oz a whole ounce more than the i5!)  I wrapped it in a case. That helped.  Now, I added an extended battery… it’s not quite as big as a shoe, so there’s room to improve! 

  • SquirePatsy

     @KVKdragon It’s a balancing act. And most people seem to view feature phones and smart phones through different lenses. If the feature phone was too heavy, people would complain about lack of lightweight tech, If you get a smart phone too light power of suggestion makes some folks think: “What are they leaving out to get it so light?” Not that it really matters to me, every smarty I’ve owned goes straight into an otterbox, effectively killing the weight question.

  • SquirePatsy

     @KyleFrost Based on all the recent legal hoopla, the apparent answer is fApple does think they are oh so similar. Please, defy your masters, tell them how foolish their arguments are. Please.

  • KyleFrost

    I guess you didn’t know I owned 3 Android phones before jumping to iPhone 5. Thank you.

  • Tonybabo

    No matter what people will complain. If they add widgets let’s day then there copying, if they don’t then there behind android. It’s all a bunch of garbage. Lines have been marked in the sand. There is those who love apple no matter what, those who hate Apple no matter what, and most people who like them because there products are easy to use but if another company comes along and really offers something innovative they will buy that product it just so happens right now that’s not happening. I’d say the people who hate Apple hate and worry much more about apple and its customers then Apple or there customers worry about them. So to hear then say its to light or feels cheap makes me laugh. It’s when you hold it that you really start to like it. I think the 4/ 4S was a little heavy which made it not as comfortable in my hands as my 3GS. The 5 is light, and doesn’t feel cheap but it is very comfortable to hold. These people will complain no matter what.

  • SquirePatsy

     @KyleFrost Your welcome! Have a good week!