iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: Camera Comparison (Lowlight Snapshots)

Tree Clouds iPhone 5

Tree Clouds iPhone 4S

A few days back I posted a few comparison images in a gallery, showing the difference between the latest iPhone’s snapper, and the previous one. In terms of detail, there was little difference. However, color saturation and contrast levels were much higher on the iPhone 5, giving the new camera’s images a lot more depth. The big talking point, however, is the lowlight performance. As you can see from the images above, the iPhone 5 captures way more light than its predecessor. It’s quite astonishing when you realize the camera lens/sensor unit is 25% slimmer than the previous one.

Street iPhone 5

Street iPhone 4S

The difference is even more apparent in the images directly above. But, as usual with higher ISO settings, there comes a lot more distortion/noise. Although there’s much more light, the extra gain has created a very grainy image.

Light iPhone 5

Light iPhone 4S

I pointed the two cameras at the same point on my outdoor porch light. Although the center of the light bulb is probably similarly bright on both, the color accuracy and sharpness appears much better on the 6th gen iPhone.

What do you make of these real-world results? Have experienced any poor results from your iPhone 5 camera?


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  • poipojpjp

    iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5  o.O

  • DannyDonckht

     @poipojpjp I’m  guessing the iPhones are so much alike, nothing new – only 5 year old designs – & the editors are so careless of them, nothing else really matters. They just gave up.

  • RoyPortillo

    They look the same except for one picture. Big deal. 5th iphone with old technology. Waste of money

  • ZaafarJat

    @DannyDonckht @poipojpjp why fix it if it ain’t broke, the iPhone design is gorgeous and I haven’t seen anything better on the android side though the windows phone 8x and 8s look pretty beautiful.

  • CollinNewman

     @ZaafarJat  why fix the power connector when it wasnt broken? its the same story D: lol

  • Just a lot more noise due to higher brightness on 5, otherwise – completely equal

  • shorttstuff96

    look in the background! I See Harry Potter on a broom stick flying away with his new iphone 5! 

  • barbastella123

    @CollinNewman @ZaafarJat more space for battery in order to increase battery life