iPhone 5 to double mobile data consumption for iOS

Every time an iPhone is equipped with a quicker mobile internet connection, a sizable increase in mobile data consumption isn’t far behind. Continuing with that trend, one mobile intelligence analyst firm predicts that the 4G LTE-equipped iPhone 5 will double the total data consumption of iPhone users.

Validas, the analyst firm in question, has been tracking 150,000 iPhone users since the beginning of this year and has found that, on average, users consume 489 megabytes of data per month. During this same time frame Validas also tracked the usage of data by  HTC Thunderbolt LTE users and found that they use nearly 1.022 gigabytes of data per month, doubling the iPhone’s average data usage. Using this information, researchers predicted that with the inclusion of LTE in the iPhone 5, iCustomer data usage will jump to roughly 1.2 gigabytes per month.

This is not a huge surprise. LTE will make it just that much each easier for iOS users to do all the things they love on their phones. What’s more, 4G data connections simply require more data to deliver those super quick speeds that everyone is so excited for.

This research is definitely interesting, but I fear it could spell trouble for all those iPhone 5 customers out there without the luxury of unlimited data plans. Customers will have to be extra cautious about going over their data limits with their LTE-equipped devices.

Those of you eagerly awaiting the September 21st delivery date, are you worried about your data usage? Sound off in the comments section down below!


Via: Cult of Mac

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  • Get Sprint

    Get Sprint’s unlimited data and stop worrying about data overages. Rookies.

  • HarrisonJones

    too bad sprint’s “4g” is shit speed and has a 100 mb cap then you’re down to 2g speeds. rookie.

  • Get Sprint

     @HarrisonJones Sprint’s WiMax maybe, but this is an LTE phone. No caps on LTE, rookie. 

  • FreddyHuerta

    not really if you dont have money to pay a phone bill you should get a flip phone 

  • StevenMeezyTadlock

    not really ha I’ve still got my Data unlimited plan from when I had the iPhone 3GS on AT&T.  I’m good for now.

  • HarrisonJones

    okay sprint only allows you to have full speed for 100 mb. end of discussion. the rest of the time you get shit speed.

  • This is not a huge surprise. LTE will make it just that much each.

  • The 4G LTE-equipped iPhone 5 will double the total data consumption of iPhone users.

  • Not a surprise really, but not great news. I’ve just managed to up my contract from 750mb/m to 1gb/m so that should just about cover me as I usually go over the 750mb. Just hope that the 4G contracts in the UK on EE are actually good value for money and not the usual £40+!

  • edoza18

    I got a truly unlimited plan on tmibile so im good

  • bflopez2

     @HarrisonJones Sprint’s LTE coverage is only in two states. There is a lot more than two states in the country. Sprint’s LTE sucks.

  • Shiggity1

     @HarrisonJones Sprint’s LTE is rolling out in more markets all the time. It’s not quite fair to say that it sucks unless you’ve tried it. :) I’m excited for its rollout here in Boston area, MA in the near future. That’s when I’ll get perhaps an iPhone 5, or an SGS3 (no fanboy wars please) or maybe a Galaxy Note 2 if that lands on Sprint by the time I can upgrade.

  • Shiggity1

     @HarrisonJones Also Sprint’s 4G WiMAX is fine for browsing, posting to FaceBook/Twitter etc. What did you expect it to be? A great connection for downloading porn or torrents? :P