iPhone 5 teardown surfaces

I’ve always found myself a little bemused by iDevice teardowns… Rather than satisfy the cravings of the internet, that poor iPhone you have dismantled could have been donated to a good cause, me for example. (Sadly, I won’t be getting the iPhone 5 anytime soon). However, I guess I’d prefer to see the components in a controlled environment, rather than scattered all over the sidewalk, let’s take a look inside!

The teardown comes from German website iPhone-Garage, there aren’t any details or analysis, but I think in this case, a picture definitely speaks a thousand words.

As a tech nerd myself, I can imagine that the first encounter with the iPhone’s innards must have been rather exciting. Ironically, any intruders are met with the strict instruction “Do not disassemble”. Clearly, the most obvious thing to do at this point, is to carry on disassembling.


The iPhone goes under the knife, well, the incredibly small screwdriver, and pretty soon, parts begin to fly.

It’s incredibly interesting to note just how much of the iPhone 5 is taken up by battery.

A little while later, there is iPhone everywhere. You can take a look at the full gallery here, where Apple’s meticulous attention to detail is clear throughout. It makes me wonder how Apple could ever manage to make this even smaller in the future, but I’ve no doubt they will. How many of you are excited for your iPhone’s arrival tomorrow? Leave your comments below!


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  • JamesVreeken

    I have a 4s and really want to get a 5.  I am happy about apple finally getting 4g for iphones.  Coming from various different devices, I have always been a smart phone kind of guy.  I owned one of the first windows “smart phones” that were actually really retarded, this was way back around 2003,  I lived in Japan from 2005-2007 and was spoiled by how much more advanced phones there were compared to in america at the time, (they had video calling, high resolution displays, fast wireless high-speed internet and the like while americans were just getting into the blackberry movement.  I am still missing being able to connect usb peripherals such as USB flash drives, hard drives and the like to my phone like I could when I was in Japan and had a phone that supported USB HOST which allowed the phone to use such devices )  When I came back from Japan and everyone was touting how awesome blackberry was I thought to myself, “why are people freaking out about these crap berry phones?”  I was a windows phone junkie, from 2007-2009 (never owned a blackberry because I didn’t understand the hype) flashing and cooking my own custom roms for days on end. I got bored and switched to a palm pre and pixie for a while, until I got bored with those as well after hacking and customizing them to their extent I eventually moved on to the HTC supersonic (EVO) and loved android and the fast 4g internet speeds, custom roms and community (my favorite was the cyanogenmod / variations).  Moving to the 4s from there was almost a downgrade as far as navigation, customization etc went until finally a jailbreak came out for the 4s about 6 months after its release, (I am not sure how long it actually was because it felt like an eternity)  I am hoping to get an iPhone 5 soon but will probably wait until the hype dies down and there is a proper jailbreak and such, (not sure if there is one yet, have yet to research as I don’t plan on upgrading for a few months at least.)  Right now I am happy with my jailbroken and customized to all hell iPhone 4s.