iPhone 5, PureView 808, Lumia 920, One X and Galaxy SIII cameras compared in lowlight shoot

Over at Engadget.com, editor Zach Honig compiled a very interesting set of photograph samples taken using a variety of smartphones. In the test, the iPhone 5 was pitted against the Nokia Lumia 920 and PureView 808, as well as the One X and Galaxy SIII. The aim of the test was to see which performed best in lowlight situations.

When the iPhone 5 was launched, Apple’s chiefs made it clear that the new camera sensor was great in lowlight conditions. Sadly, Nokia beat Cupertino to the punch with that one when they launched the Lumia 920 a little while before. Engadget’s photos seem to confirm just as much. Check out the images below:


It’s no surprise really that the two Nokia handsets win this challenge hands down. They clearly have the best optics around built-in. And, Apple deciding to go smaller and slimmer didn’t help Apple’s cause. That said, when it comes to its main competition in the smartphone market right now, the iPhone easily outshines its Android rivals in lowlight test. I guess we’ll have to wait a few months to see if Samsung and HTC have a trick up their sleeves.

To check the full results and a video of the test, hit the “Via” link below.

Via: Engadget

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  • Martin

    Which photo is the 808, which is the Lumia?

  • ellybelly

    You have two pictures for the 808. You need to put the 920 in there. :)

  • DannyDonckht

    Are you blind or something? They are both exactly the same. Every pixel is the same. It’s taken from the same phone. It’s one picture put there twice.

  • Leverage

    @DannyDonckht You need to chill bro. It’s a simple question. Have you ever thought that maybe they are two different photos, but Cam accidently labled them the same? What if they take identical photos and are too close to tell the difference.

  • JoshLazenby

    I am guessing they decided to not use the low light setting on the Android phones for these comparisons? Also… looks like the 808 had a flash on. There was some stuff that was washed out from light, which just doesn’t happen in low light. I’s say in the 808 picture, there was either flash involved, it wasn’t actually low light, or the thing isn’t capable of taking regular light pictures due to massively over sensitive camera.

  • bondosho

    Night mode on the GS3 picks up a ton of light.

  • JoshLazenby

     @bondosho It does on the One X as well. It’s obvious these were taken at just standard settings. 

  • TiP_Cam

     @ellybelly Thanks for spotting that. I’ve changed it. 

  • http://techtaurus.com techtaurus

    Apparently Nokia has been having some success with WP 7.x in China with this huge carrier.   I’m sure Nokia will be bringing the lower end WP 8 handsets there as well besides the Lumia 920.