iPhone 5 pre-orders begin, first batch sells out? 2 week shipping wait now expected

I’m sure you already know this, but, today iPhone 5 pre-orders kicked off at 12:00am Pacific/3am Eastern/8am BST. At least, they were supposed to. Apple seemingly didn’t get its store page back online for at least 50 minutes after the scheduled release time. According to various reports and Apple’s site, the first batch due for delivery on September 21st is already taken, and shipping times have slipped back to 2 weeks. Surprisingly, it only took an hour or so to reach this critical stage. I’ve checked both the UK and US stores, and they both have the same disparaging message: “despatched in 2 weeks”.

Fortunately, I got my order through as soon as I could using Apple’s store app. Unlike previous years, it went through the first time of asking. Now, turning back to the issue of delays, in years gone by it’s taken much longer for the first assignment to be sold out. Last year it took almost an entire day – or 22 hours if you want to be more precise. This year was under two hours. There could be many reasons for this.

The first option is that Apple may not have had as many iPhone units ready in time for pre-order this year. There have been reports in the recent past stating that different stages of manufacturing were experiencing difficulties, leading to a possible delay in production. The second – with a more positive spin – is that the Apple Store didn’t get as bogged down and was better prepared for the huge spike in traffic. Orders weren’t delayed due to errors and everyone got theirs through as smoothly as I did. The third, and least likely is that the iPhone 5 isn’t as popular as the iPhone 4S. In every previous year the new generation of iPhone has sold more units than all the previous ones added together. There’s no reason why that wouldn’t happen again with Apple’s best phone yet.

If you have to have the new iPhone on launch day in a week’s time, your only option now is to go line up on the day (or night before) outside a store.

Did you pre-order, which size/color? How was the experience, buggy or smooth?

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  • kmt555

    Pre-ordered the white 16g, got it through apples website. it was a bit slow, but went through and showed that I’d get it on fri. Glad I waited up :)

  • Rickie

    I had mine ordered by half 9 UK time. Switched to orange since O2 are being pants and won’t support LTE until next year (according to the customer services rep I spoke to at O2). Now it’s just a waiting game.

  • TiP_Cam

    Yeah. Vodafone and O2 are yet to agree which spectrum they’re going to use for 4G. Thankfully, I have T-mobile contract already and can switch to EE when it’s available. Bought unlocked SIM free iPhone, ships on the 21st. Boom! ;-) 

  • Sluggo080976

    I feel fortunate this is my second iPhone and first pre sale by 3:20 a.m. I was done it was very very smooth

  • JonnyFonseca

    No unlocked versions yet?

  • Applefangirl

    Just happened to wake up at 2:15am, had laptop by my bed.. rolled over.. checked At&t…site down.. scrolled over to Apple.com and ordered the White 16g with no problem.. To be delivered on 9/21.. Smooth as could be!

  • rickiejames

    @TiP_Cam I’ll race ya to see who gets it first mwahaha! Hopefully EE will announce its plans and prices soon; I shall also be switching. It better be damn impressive :D

  • RoyEddieMarroquin

    Refreshed screen at 1:59 a.m ct and clicked it set up new account in less than three minutes on verizon for a 32 gig silver and white :) got email confirmation tellin me my phone will be delivered on 09/21/2012

  • Applefangirl

     @RoyEddieMarroquin BooYA! Sweet!

  • Wyatt

    Verizon allowed pre-orders before 12midnight, I was searching their site at about 11:50PST and found a preorder now button and it worked! Ordered a 64gb black and slate, no problems! To be delivered on 9/21

  • Carl

    Went on Apple’s site and my order went through at approximately 3:40am EST very smoothly. Interesting thing, I used Safari on my iPad 2 to get to the Apple store initially but it said it was down. Then I switched to Chrome and the Apple store was up fine, even checked after using Chrome and the store was still down using Safari. Got the black 32 GB for Verizon to be delivered on 9/21.

  • shellyqt

    Like you, I pre-ordered on the Apple website with no problem at all. Delivery will be on Sept. 21st.
    I upgraded from the 4S which is unusual for me. Last time I upgraded was from the 3gs to the 4S but a few of the new features pulled me right in to upgrade.

  • lesliem825

    Ordered at 5 am ….says 2 week delivery …:^
    I can wait
    preordered an otterbox in pink so hopefully it will show up FIRST that would be good ….upgrading iPhone 4 cause mic no longer works

  • lesliem825

    BTW order was smooth

  • DJAirozo

    16 gb black/slate verizon. ordered mine at 3:10. to be delivered on the 21st

  • Trekking

    Out of the shower at 7:15. Turned on the Desktop and ordered 64GB Black from AT&T website. Promised delivery on the 21st. Psyched!

  • Haielhaifa27

    ordered mine at 6PM, 32GB BLACK/SLATE sprint 
    the LTE here in San Antonio is AMAZING

  • Haielhaifa27

    ohh yeah, and guaranteed delivery by Friday :D

  • INo1OneI

    Black/Slate Verizon 32GB got up at 2 central time and ordered it the instant it became available. Ive been saving my upgrade since February for this. Hope it was worth it!!

  • Ldmason95

    Black/slate 32 GB AT&T. Ordered at 6 AM and is supposed to arrive Friday September 21st! I’m so excited!! I ordered via the AT&T website and it wasn’t buggy at all