iPhone 5 launch event coverage

On Wednesday, September 12th we’ll be among millions of excited Apple fans waiting for the next iPhone. Join us as we cover the event as it happens. The liveblog plugin below will automatically refresh, so you shouldn’t need to go anywhere near your F5 key throughout the entire keynote. We are – of course – expecting the iPhone 5 to be launched, and possibly some new iPods as well. What we’re not sure on is whether or not Apple is about to enter the smaller tablet market with its prototyped “iPad mini”. Needless to say, some of us won’t be sleeping much until Tim Cook and his crew unveil the next generation, iOS-powered phone.

Bookmark this page and come back at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific/6pm British Summer Time. (If you’re in Sydney, Australia, you’ll be in to Thursday September 13th, kicking off at 3am.) We’ll have all the action as it unfolds, in real time.

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  • its a phenomenal phone..great new innovation…i will get one and take advantage of the new features;  the markets should like it when they see the sales skyrocket as well……this time even faster than the 4s

  • Tomcsi

    i was waiting for this maybe something better worth get it but …… but seriously 4 inch screen ? for who? man  at least 4,3 or above and IOS 6 nothing special again iphone needs a new OS
    … @Anonishere

  •  @Tomcsi
     Me 2 I was also looking forward to a 4.3″ screen or bigger

  • Ipod

  • blahhhrgggyyypants

    ipod touch!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Ddddcc

    Still a POS. Wow. Almost Nothing changed

  • lg

    They say they will be out on Sept 21st

  • _AveryBenjamin

    @derekjohnson93 thank you .


    If you pre-order on the 14, when will the iPhone 5 arrive to your door? On the 21 or later?

  • Tomcsi

    Seriously …most important things fort the ipad touch is a new camera? I would be happy with a better equalizer…better quality earbuds….

  • jak

    How much is the ipod touch??

  • blahhhrgggyyypants

    same prices i hope!or less

  • jak

    How much will the ipod touch be in the UK??

  • ranaanwaar

    “””” not impressed from A5, Well Galaxy still champ………………”””

  • Alexander

    The iPod Touch bracelet looks awful… Everything was going so well

  • cherubgupta

    whats the price of an unlocked iphone 5 ??

  • Dimo

    thank you both.