iPhone 5 javascript benchmark results are in – fastest phone, and first below 1000ms

The chart above shows all the devices that have been testing using the relatively old-hat SunSpider 0.9.1 Javascript benchmark. The iPhone 5 listed on the top belonged to Vincent Ngyuen of Slashgear, it gave the best result ever achieved by any smartphone. It’s also the first device to load the page in under 1000ms. The exact result was 914.7.

As you can see on the chart, that’s virtually twice as fast as the AT&T SGSIII. In fact, none of the other phones really come that close to the 6th gen iPhone’s speediness. This goes a long way to affirm the leaked Geekbench results that showed up online a little while back. Exactly how did Apple get this performance from a dual-core A6? I’m sure we’ll find out in great detail very soon.

Via: Anandtech


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  • Bratty

    1) Its custom design based on ARM15 but NOT vanilla ARM15
    2) Any undergraduate engineer can tell you that most (not all) cell processes are linear => dual core. To leverage quad cores, the OS has to be optimized for running concurrent linear processes. Android doesn’t do that and neither does iOS at this point. So, an optimized solution is better than a “vanilla” solution.

  • Applefangirl

    Uh…. What ^^^ He said. lol

  • Bratty

     @Applefangirl HA!. Thank you fangirl.

  • guru_of_psycho

    so Iphone is better or not?

  • Applefangirl

     @guru_of_psycho Yes.. It has the fastest speed out of all the phones to date according to this test.