iPhone 5 hands on videos hit the web

The select press outlets that were lucky enough to score an invite to Apple’s iPhone 5 event were treated to some one-on-one time with the company’s latest flagship gadget after the keynote, so naturally a ton of hands on videos have surfaced. 9to5 Mac has rounded up some of the best iPhone 5 demo vids, and they’re definitely worth a look. The room is clearly very crowded, so we can’t see as much detail as we would like, but it’s still nice to get a glimpse at the iPhone 5 in real-world situations.

If anything, these videos only make me more eager to get my own mitts on the iPhone 5 and form my own impressions of it. The processing power and the camera are great, but one of the aspects I’m most excited to check out is just the quality of the materials and the construction. The aluminum/glass smartphone is sure to be sturdy, sleek, and great to hold. The build quality and design of Apple’s devices has always been one of the company’s strong suits and, from the looks of it, the iPhone 5 will continue with that trend.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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  • nice i dont think im going to get it now because of no tmobile iphone 5 so imma just wait til october when tmobile get the nano sd but nice hand on videos the 2nd one is the best but the first one had a better camera

  • The select press outlets that were lucky enough to score an invite to Apple’s.