iPhone 5 full video review [VID]

Jake takes a in-depth look at the iPhone 5 and gives his opinion on Apple’s latest handset. In short, it’s awesome!

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  • Steve

    I’ve been getting pretty good battery life on my iphone 5. While not a day and a half; after about 10 hours working filled with casual browsing, watching an episode or 2 of a tv show on netflix, and a bit of game playing (Nothing very intense, mostly something as powerful as a Kairosoft game), I’ve come home with between 20 and 25% battery life left.
    A definite improvement from my Droid X.
    This is also with LTE turned on all day.

  • has anyone talked about what its like to type when ur phone is sideways…is the 4 inch wide screen more awkward to type on?

  • MaeganBabcock

    I have the 4S and would still love to upgrade to the 5, but I’m not up for an upgrade until next June and by then will wait for the 6.
    Where did you get that J.K. Rowling video?  I’d love to watch it and don’t see it in iTunes.

  • GeekzStuff

     @Abarber Depends on what you mean by, “Awkward”. I always had trouble typing sideways on my iPhone 4 / 4S simply because the keys felt cramped and the whole screen was taken up by the monster sized keyboard. Not to mention the time it took to activate (keyboard) when you turned the phone sideways. Compared to the iPhone 4S, there almost no lag time when turn the iPhone 5 over sideways , even though its the same width, I feel compeled to turn my iPhone sideways and all the cons (mentioned) b4 seem not to exist. Being taller the keyboard is wider if turn sideways, plus the phone being taller fits into my hands a lot better (having big hands @ 6 feet tall) the sideways keyboard feels more natural (4 your thumbs), more natural then the regular vertical keyboard (it being wider).    

  • GeekzStuff

    Great review Jake. If I made a review of a device like the iPhone this video hit the spot if not better. One complaint I have is the lighting. the halogen yellow light doesn’t being out the details of the iPhone 5 and seem a bit dark. No biggie of course. But overall I agree with everything. coming from a Galaxy Nexus (temporary phone for a month), I had problems with the keyboard because the screen was too wide and could not fit in my hands comfortably. Apple decision to make it taller yet not wider, I think was a perfect decision. 

  • GeekzStuff

    What is your screen brightness set to?

  • Splinter1

    How did you like the headphones?

  • TiP_Cam

     @Abarber The keys on the keyboard have remained same size, so it feels exactly the same as it was before. Which is nice. ;-)

  • @TiP_Cam how can it be the same size when sideways? When tilted sideways the screen is wider. If it is the same, dud apple add other buttons to make it so? A screenshot would be helpful.

  • Wow. I am really liking iPhone 5. I wish I can have one too. I love the camera. It is super quick and can capture photos fast.