iPhone 5 event underwhelmed 57% of Americans? Huh?

CouponCodes4U has released some interesting survey results. The press release was full of varying factors and percentages, so I’ll keep it incredibly simple for you. Out of all the consumers quizzed in the States, 57% said that they were not impressed by yesterday’s announcement. 12% had no opinion at all, meaning that only 31% percent actually enjoyed the iPhone 5 announcement yesterday. According to the survey the biggest reasons were that a) the iPhone 5 didn’t offer anything new and b) Steve Jobs wasn’t there/involved.

It appears as though people have this conception that because the late, great Steve Jobs isn’t pulling strings anymore, that all of a sudden Apple can’t come up with anything new. Let me remind you: last year when Jobs was still alive and in charge, Apple released the 4S. In 2009 – again when Jobs was very much in charge – the 3GS was launched. What people just don’t seem to understand is how Cupertino works, and how innovation works.

In 2011, all the leaks leading up to the event pointed towards a brand new design, we didn’t get one: people were disappointed. This year, all the leaks turned out to be true: onlookers were still disappointed. Considering how difficult Apple finds it to please anyone, it’s amazing any iPhones are sold at all…

Apple has always been about pushing boundaries in both performance, design, and engineering. Making the phone much slimmer, making the camera and display thinner, but boosting performance is pretty awesome. Normally if you make a camera lens unit smaller, you’re lucky if you can keep image and video quality the same, but it’s actually improved in lowlight. The display has in-cell touchscreen sensors, and it’s much brighter and has more depth in color. The phone can accomplish tasks much faster thanks to the new A6 chip which boosts graphics and performance (also smaller than the A5).

Apple – unlike Samsung, HTC, Motorola – doesn’t grab all the highest spec components and try to force them together in a monster phone. It improves on the previous generation every single year by improving areas that other companies don’t think of until afterwards. The phone is made entirely of aluminum and glass for heaven’s sake, any variances in fit and manufacturing are measured in microns. To put that in to perspective: a full stop/period at the end of a sentence is approximately 64 microns thick. You can fit 25,400 microns in an inch. That is attention to detail that makes Apple different. I could go on, but the fact is, it’s all in Apple’s keynote and promo video.

People may be disappointed with the lack of quad-core: iOS doesn’t need it, at all. It doesn’t keep apps running needlessly in the background. They may be disappointed at only having 4-inches of display. Turns out, Apple values sharpness and resolution over size. It’s widescreen which should make a huge difference when watching videos, since the entire screen can be filled with image, instead of having half taken up with black bars as with the current display. The majority of consumers find the larger devices uncomfortable to use single-handed. I know I do, and I don’t exactly have small hands. When you’re making one phone per year, you have to try and aim at all size hands, large, small, nimble, stiff.

The experience of using this phone is going to be fantastic, and that is priority when considering the customer. It will feel just as comfortable in hand as the current phone, but it’s lighter, slimmer and not as slippery. All improvements. Although I can understand – to a certain extent – why people are feeling a little let down, I’m personally very pleased.

Here’s the crunch: no phone is ever going to shake up the industry like the original iPhone did in 2007. Every manufacturer has improved its smartphones and changed the way they’re made and designed as a direct result of what Apple released 5 years ago. That was an innovative product. Every single new phone since then has been a gradual improvement, or evolution. Some phones may have been a bigger evolutionary jump than others, but, none of them have transformed the smartphone market in the same way. The iPhone 4’s Retina display was pretty incredible when launched, and cemented Apple’s place in the world of mobiles as a top dog. But others soon matched it.

Simply put: stop expecting another “Jesus phone” moment from Apple, it’s probably never going to happen again in our lives. The fact that people are so expectant of Apple says it all though. The company has het a high standard for innovation, and if that leads people to expect bigger things, that’s a good thing. It shows the company is doing something right. When’s the last time anyone waited for a Motorola or HTC event expecting dents in the universe?

iPhone 5 looks fantastic and I can’t wait to pre-order. But then again, I’m probably just an “iSheep” who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, right?


Over Half of Americans ‘Disappointed’ with iPhone5, Believe Apple Brings ‘Nothing New’ to Consumers

Following yesterday’s press announcement surrounding the release of the latest iPhone, one of the leading coupon codes websites in the US has conducted a flash poll of consumers in order to discover their feelings of the event itself, whether or not the phone design and spec lived up to their expectations and if they were going to purchase the phone on September 21.

One of the leading coupon code websites in the US, curious to discover whether or not the hype surrounding the gadget is well deserved and if consumers will be purchasing the phone come release day, has conducted a flash poll of 1,135 Americans. All respondents polled have at least one Apple product.

The study, conducted by www.CouponCodes4u.com, formed part of the research into American consumers, their tech purchases and their thoughts towards brand loyalty.

Respondents were initially asked whether or not they owned an iPhone, to which 79% replied “yes”, while 15% said they did not own one, but “were interested” in purchasing one. 6% of respondents said that they did not own the gadget.

Those respondents who replied that they already owned an iPhone outright were then asked what type of iPhone they owned, to which 68% replied “iPhone4S”, 23% of respondents said “iPhone4”, while 8% said they still owned an “iPhone3GS”.  Respondents who stated that they were interested in the latest iPhone were asked if they were planning to purchase the latest gadget, to which 87% said that it depended on “the spec” and “price” of the phone.

According to the research when consumers were asked whether or not they were impressed with last night’s release event, 57% of respondents said “no”, while 31% said “yes”; 12% admitted that they were “indifferent”.

Respondents who admitted that they were unimpressed with the event were asked to explain their reasons why, to which 81% said the release event felt “strange without Steve Jobs”, while 32% said that it felt that “there was nothing new” that Apple brought to the industry with this release. However, 27% of respondents felt that the release launch party was “very exciting for Apple” and Apple consumers.

Surprisingly, when asked whether or not consumers were happy with the specs and design of the phone, 57% of respondents said they were “disappointed” with the finished phone, while 39% said the latest gadget “exceeded their expectations”.  When asked to stipulate their reasons why they were unhappy with the proposed phone spec and design, 53% cited the new 9-pin USB phone connector, which is not compatible with other Apple products, as a reason. More than a quarter, 26%, cited the smaller “Nano-styled SIM card”, while 21% said lack of plans or updates concerning a future release date for “128GB iPhone5” was disappointing.

Those respondents who said that they were happy with the finalised spec of the gadget were asked to stipulate what new additions caught their attention, to which 49% said that they liked the larger battery, while 37% cited the new “Panorama Stitch” camera feature for taking better quality photos.  13% of respondents cited Apple’s “updated FaceTime option” and being able to talk via video using both Wi-Fi and Cellular connections as a factor.

When asked if they would be purchasing the phone on its release date at the end of September, 45% of respondents said “yes”, while 34% said they “were unsure”. However, 21% of respondents said that they were not going to purchase the phone, mainly due to “lack of innovation” between iPhone updates.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of CouponCodes4u.com, said the following about the findings:

“So after all the rumors, blog posts, excitement and gossip surrounding the latest edition of the iPhone, it is finally here. With the release event being the most talked about smartphone event in town, it is no surprise that some people may feel slightly let down by the actual phone itself. What is quite surprising, however, is how many of the iPhone faithful are disappointed with not only the event, but the phone itself, with many citing the late Steve Jobs and his lack of presence as a contributing factor.”

He continued:

“As other smartphone companies are gearing up for fall and winter releases, it is turning out to be a very interesting battle for consumers’ loyalty this year. What is clear by the research, however, is by not changing their phone specs and pushing the boundaries of tech innovation, a growing number of consumers are becoming increasingly impatient and bored with Apple products. As Samsung is continuing to gain a larger share of the tech market, Apple need to stay relevant and engaged with their core consumers. The people with the most to gain from this struggle for innovation will be the consumer – 2013 is looking like a very interesting year indeed!


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  • JonnyFonseca

    Too many confirmed leaks! :( After so many leaks I rather have the iPhone look like the iPod instead! Now that was sexy!

  • MarcOKelly

     @JonnyFonseca I thought the same thing, I like all the color choices.

  • MarcOKelly

    Its still going to sell like Apple is the only drug dealer within 100 miles

  • jdoss

    Just an FYI. “The company has *het* a high standard”

    Great article & perspective though

  • Applefangirl

    I was not disappointed at all..exactly what I expected! But I AM concerned about how much it weighs.. I LOVE the weight on the current 4s… It feels like a solid build to me.. In general, I don’t like light phones! That’s one of the things that attracted me to APPLE!

  • People will never be satisfied and that’s the bottom line. Personally I wasn’t disappointed, I was happy with what I saw. But to each their own.

  • Kourage2

    I was disappointed. I thought they shouldn’t have made it that long. I like the 4″ screen. It could have been maybe a 4.3 screen.

  • eb711

    57% of americans didnt even see the iphone 5 event. These polls kill me. The only people who saw the event were tech heads.

  • Jaz28

    apple cant please everybody , but its still the best to me.

  • Nupicasso

    “Apple – unlike Samsung, HTC, Motorola – doesn’t grab all the highest spec components and try to force them together in a monster phone. It improves on the previous generation every single year by improving areas that other companies don’t think of until afterwards.”
    What areas are you talking about?

    I think the iPhone is a good product and all, but all the innovations I watched have already been done by Android.

    I’m completely neutral, I have owned both Android phones and the iPhone. I use Android because its more flexible(I can add multiple files and file types to an email with ease). I use the iPhone for its multimedia properties(video and editing on the fly).

    These articles always tend to make me chuckle because they come from the fanboy perspective and tend to be skewed.

    Other than the charging pin, there’s nothing here that’s a step ahead of anyone else with regards to customer experience.

    Pictures while taking video…done already by Android.

    More saturated and vibrant screen…done already by Samsung.

    Nothing new. Its been done.

    I personally found the screen size to be disappointing. Width is just as important as length when trying to read web pages, which I do a lot of. This is another reason why I have an Android device. My phone isn’t just a device to play games and pass the time. I’m constantly looking something up or reading a news article. The small screen just isn’t as appealing.

  • roboguy12

    **Before reading, note that this is not an attack against iPhones, but merely an unbiased review of the mentalities that accompany it.**
    To start off, this article is very immaturely written, and clearly without all of the facts straight. I’m sorry, but this paragraph:
         “People may be disappointed with the lack of quad-core: iOS doesn’t need it, at all. It doesn’t keep apps running needlessly in the background. They may be disappointed at only having 4-inches of display. Turns out, Apple values sharpness and resolution over size.”
    just seems like a single woman on Valentine’s Day trying to convince herself that there’s nothing wrong with her. I’m not “in love” with iPhones – I manage to take a normal view at them, observe and respect the technologies, and then decide if I would like them in a phone. Some people are so enamored with them that they forget it’s okay to admit flaws. There is no such thing as the perfect device, so they should stop defending their shortcomings with half-assed excuses. “Apps running in the background” = multitasking, which is a necessary piece of mobile technologies (and one that wasn’t present in iOS for awhile either, as people tend to forget) and while iOS may not need a quad-core processor there’s no reason to try to put down Android for making use of them. Android is based off a Linux kernel and iOS is an OSX derivate and thus a Darwin/Unix extension – they handle memory allocation and core processes differently and thus quad-core processors are a nice feature to have for a Linux-based build.
    And as for the whole “doesn’t grab all the highest spec components and try to force them together in a monster phone,” yes, I’ll admit that certain companies (coughSamsungcough) do in fact try to do that, such as with the Note and now Note II, but other than that this is a poorly constructed rebuttal against the fact that the iPhone’s components may or may not be on par with some others. This is like saying that Lexus makes shallow cars because they use lots of good parts. Yes, throwing a V8 into a lawnmower is overkill (ie not everything needs a quad-core processor), but this reeks of subtle jealousy that maybe the specs of the iPhone aren’t as high as the writer wanted them to be.
    Bottom line is this stupid business of blindly following a company has to stop. Yes, the iPhone is a solid device, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other better options. Just because it’s called an iPhone doesn’t automatically guarantee it’s the highest echelon smartphone you can buy.  It IS okay to admit shortcomings, as it actually makes you seem more mature. For example, I’ve heard my Android friends say that they wish the Play Store had as many apps as Apple’s did. I didn’t respond with “well that’s just because developers flock to iOS,” or “well that’s just because Apple started their app store first,” or any garbage like that; I said, “yeah that would be nice, but there are good apps in there, you just have to look for them.”
    People need to take a step back and really analyze the situation and compare the technologies honestly before taking one side and blindly fighting for it.

  • roboguy12

    Wow, that was extremely long; sorry guys! The TL;DR of it is: A device will have flaws, and it doesn’t mean that people have to invent some sorry excuses to defend them. Just accept the device for what it is, and if you prefer the alternatives try them – it’ll only make you more mature that you did instead of attempting to smear them.

  • Tuliomesa82

    And have it look like the nokia lumia?@MarcOKelly @JonnyFonseca

  • juanpedro86

    in my opinion the technology is great.., but still not everything is about it.., i would love a new and DIFFERENT design, or probably atleast a different look at the iOS.  

  • YasirSohail

    In the. “Jesus Phone” paragraph you mis-spelled HIT.

  • BrainRoopull

    It’s kinda’ funny to see people making excuses for two new iPhones in a row.  With the 4S, we heard it was a lackluster update because it was a “mid cycle” refresh.  The simple fact is that if this were an Android, WP8, or RIM product, it’d be considered a upper-mid-tier phone, not a top tier device.Likewise, if you had swapped the Lumia 920 for this, things would be very different.  First, if Nokia had introduced the iPhone 5 as a WP8 device, no one would have given it any thought other than to say that Nokia was about to die.But, if Apple had introduced the 920 as the new iPhone, the Apple world and those that follow it would’ve messed their drawers with excitement…  LTE, wireless charging, insane camera, solid polycarbonate body, that gorgeous tapered glass, offline maps & nav, FREE streaming music service,  1280 x 960 secondary camera, 332 ppi display with a real-world 15:9 aspect ration, universal micro USB, NFC, MicroSim, 32g of memory…  Instead, it’s the 2nd runner up with the grand slam phone & Apple with a very cautious “bunt.”I’m sorry, but anyone “excited” over this phone is either pretending or ignorant.  It’s a yawner to the bone.I do get it that many people just think the “iPhone experience” is the bombdiggity, but, again, I think that’s just ignorance.  There was a recent study released that showed that, while apps on Android and iOS are both remarkably stable, they actually crash much more on iOS than they do Android.  Hit this link for the article:http://dottech.org/tech-news/26745/ios-apps-crash-more-than-android-apps-according-to-a-study/So, if Androids are actually more stable, can obviously do much more, come in a wider variety of form with a wider variety of functions & price points, why all the iLove?  Because there’s no lag?  Is that it?  There’s no lag on my wife’s feature phone, either.Sorry, one more thing… what’s with that weird display aspect ratio?  It looks to me like they were really wanting to be able to say that they have a 4″ display without actually putting a 4″ display on the phone.  Quick… someone do the math on actual square inches of display on the iPhone 5 vs. “normal” 4″ screens.

  • KelcyDeeds1

    Disappointed! Get a DIFFERENT design already. To the phone and the OS, Jony Ive said in the iPhone video how they totally redesigned the iPhone. Wow! keep telling yourself that :) it looks identical to the old one besides the color thing with the two tone. You guys need to accept the fact that Apple isnt the company the used to be and they are failing in the tech world and need to step it up a lot. now if they came out with an iPhone 6 in the next month, that would be the “Apple” everyone else to know, always ahead of the rest, now there just barely keeping up. Ronny Plett 

  • BrainRoopull

    The formatting on this page screwed up the link… remove /So from it & you’ll get the right page.

  • YasirSohail

    Ok and now to a more serious comment.

    I sold my iPhone 4S in the begining of August, so I can get a large sum before everyone knows about iPhone 5. So in the mean time I got my self a Glalaxy S3 and I have been using that for a little over a month now.

    Itsa great phone, haven’t had a paroblem with, I enjoy using it, love the display and the design. Now one thing that I do not enjoy is the quality of Playstore, the apps it has and the lack of the apps it doesn’t have. As I enjoy playing alot of games on my phones, this disappoints me everytime I see all these amazing looking games on my iPad but can’t find them in Playstore.

    This to me is not a Samsung problem, They made a great, fast and a good looking device but Android still needs some work done. Maybe it fullfills your needs but I still. Rave iOS. I was just saying this to my brother yesterday that ” I wish we can just pick up formated phones and put whatever OS we want on them.” but ofcourse, God knows when and if that happens.

    iPhone 5, in very few words is quality over quantity. It will sell many, and most likely go on doing a record breaking business. Because there are most of us who just want to get things done the easier way, smoother way and the quality way. I like the design, after I first got my iPhone 4 I seriously wished Apple keeps this look for a while and I’m happy they did. Now I just hope they sell a factory unlocked i5 so I can be a happy sheep. (that last line is for all the hardcore Android fans, laugh it up my friends, we are both sheeps at the end of the day.)

    To everyone getting and i5, see you in Real Racing 3. :)

  • LawrenceKaroumy

     @Tuliomesa82  @MarcOKelly  @JonnyFonseca The ipod nano look like the lumia, not the ipod touch. The ipod touch is completely redesigned. i was actually more excited in seeing the ipod touch than i was the iPhone and i am an iphone fanboy, not going to lie…

  • Dreisus

    Wow. This article is really backing Apple. When you take a year to come up with 1 phone and its not impressive its bad. Criticizing HTC and Samsung will do no good to help your case. They make several phones and alot of them are of premium quality. The Iphone will always sell even if people are not all exited about it. Apple sells. However pplease dont try to justify the phone being top notch.

  • Tonybabo

    I’m going to say that honestly I know I’m guilty of always assuming that Apple is going to announce something that will just blow everybodys mind. It will change things like the iPod or iPhone. I expect it from them to the point it’s not fair. That goes to show you how big of a impact they have made. I also feel that if anyone is going to introduce a truly revolutionary product or a product is going to set the standard of the marketplace or create a new one it’s Apple. So I get really jacked before these events. As far as yesterday went I think the phone looks great. After there explanation of why the phone is not wider I can totally see the point. I don’t want a phone that I need two hands to use. I can use my iPad for that. I would like to see a closer edge to edge screen but I know that just being picky and it’s not a big deal.
    The reason why a lot of people are so so on the new phone is because of all the leaks. They We’re accurate this time around and we all basically saw it for last four months. Imagining yesterday was the first time I seen it I would of been impressed. I hope somehow in two years after the iPhone 5s they really figured way to throw people off. It’s much better seeing the design when they have there keynote. I was surprised there wasn’t something new like Siri that was pushed with it but either way I’ll be placing my order at 12:01 for two phones. I just have to take a hard look at if I should stay with AT&T

  • Tonybabo

    @Dreisus They do make good phones also. I think Samsung and HTC have a opportunity over the next year to comeup with something that will as apple likes to call it “change things” there is a lot to do, a lot to be added to these phones that will make history. I don’t mean adding features apple left out. That is what it seems HTC and Samsung do. They take the things the IPhone didn’t get and throw it in real quick. I hope they rise to the occasion and build something Apple will have to take notice of. I don’t know why but why is every Samsung phone always have a cheap feel to it. I’m not saying it does but I hate the plastic backs.

  • dusty1022

    It’s not what the product does better then the others. It’s how it helps YOU. Don’t get an iPhone if your expectations are like an S3. I like the S3 don’t get me wrong. But i love taking photos and sharing them. And I’m a big big music freak. So if I buy a song. I get it on my iPhone right away nd my iPad. All share together now and I love it. It’s very good at what it does to share together with devices. Now I had android. I hated it. But that’s just me. Don’t take anyone’s opinions but yourselfs. Apple maybe a huge Fad to people. But to me it has really helped me with my sharing. I wont use another phone unless their products will help me.

  • Tonybabo

    @KelcyDeeds1 @Ronny Plett I think that the fact that these other companies like Samsung are not really doing much to revolutionize there phones makes it easy for Apple to bump up specs add a bigger screen there is no rush for them. This maybe were not having Jobs around is felt. Some may say but Samsung has this or that and Apple doesn’t but all these phones need something new, something to take it to the next level. I always get the feeling with Samsung for instance, they wait and see what the IPhone doesn’t have then try to throw it in there phone. Samsung galaxy is a nice phone it’s beautiful but it’s not enough, it’s not enough to get Apple to feel like they have to “wow”. So I hope that these other companies take advantage of the phone not truly changing things and Come up with something that will really blow are minds the apple will be forced to really do some work. Competition is good for us.

  • juanpedro86

     @Tonybabo  @Dreisus unless….. WAIT FOR IT …. apple patent it first.. and start suing haha

  • Tonybabo

    @dusty1022 I agree with that. The iPhone to me is a Great phone, I’m actually the minority on here cause I like the shape of the 4, 4S and now 5. I use, I love it butI look forward to when we get in the stages of wireless charging, haptic touch feedback those things will be awesome. Tomorrow night I’ll order my iPhone for me and my wife and I cant wait!!! I’m very satisfied with what was introduced.

  • Tonybabo

    @juanpedro86 @Dreisus is there a App for that?

  • K12123

    I for one was not very impressed. First and foremost, I thought the aspect ration was a little off. They kept the same width and increased the length. What do you end up with? A phone that looks like the Samsung Instinct. Furthermore, the phone looks extremely similar than previous model, what did they add? A piece of aluminum or and I almost forgot, an extra row of apps. Furthermore, I think that the article is biased, but then again that is to be expected since this site is all about Apple. The author mentioned “It improves on the previous generation every single year by improving areas that other companies don’t think of until afterwards.” Come on! That’s a bunch of bull! Apple makes very little improvements to their phone. To me that’s just playing safe. But then again, it inhibits innovation. Also, he mentioned That the iPhone does not need quad core and even became all sappy by saying “Turns out, Apple values sharpness and resolution over size.” That sounds like a brainwashed individual. THAT’S WHAT APPLE IS TELLING YOU! They are telling you what you want! Stop being so opinionated by saying that no other phone transformed the smartphone market the same way, because they have in so many ways including much higher resolution than the retina display and a faster processor. I agree, back in 2007, it was the greatest thing the company’s ever done and maybe it’ll take a while before someone else can step up to that. But in reality, even Apple wasn’t able to match it. They’ve become stagnant, making the smallest changes and embellishing it. 

  • Andrew

    I dont mind the look. Its very similar and thats fine with me. Im just sick of ios, Ill stick with my iphone 4s for now as im happy with it :-)

  • dusty1022

    @K12123 Key word for apple. MONEY. They are making money off this that you can’t even dream of. They change a little and the world goes crazy I have an old one so this is a big step. For me. But like you said. Everyone is brainwashed. It’s a fad. This will one day be realized that everyone wants an iPhone for the brand name. When you hear iPhone people think expensive. Then think since you have one you have a ton of money for getting one. Nobody try’s other phones because they want what everyone else has. With the iPhone 4 going free. They don’t care. Their killing competition because nobody can beat their pricing. Not about how good it is. All about brand. The best thing apple people can’t answer is why? Why do you like them. There’s never an exact answer for about 70% of the people with them.

  • JaronDeonReid

    The point where you say “Come on! That’s a bunch of bull!” doesn’t really make sense. He never said they made big improvements nor did he mention they made small improvements. But you said “Apple makes very little improvements to their phones.” He never said they didn’t. You also say, “Stop being so opinionated.” Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing. In fact, almost all of us are opinonated. You say, “other phone transformed the smartphone market the same way, because they have in so many ways including much higher resolution than the retina display.” He didn’t say they didn’t, but Apple did it first!!!! They set that standard. Now do they have the best screen now? Idk, maybe not. I actually like the One X’s screen. But, it wasn’t until the Retina Display until screen resolution became a main focus. I don’t understand how everyone can sit here and point out everything Apple does wrong. If you don’t like it. Don’t buy it. Don’t comment about it. You shouldn’t care. But no! People like you feed off of it. I think you’re getting “BRAINWASHED” and “PREFERENCE” mixed up. Everyone is entitled to there own preferences and opinions. It does not make them WRONG or RIGHT. Think about what you’re gonna say, BEFORE YOU SAY IT! I don’t think that it’s Apple can’t match the same impact the original iPhone, but why should they. If they’re making money selling the small incemental upgraded phones why not stick to that? It seems more logical. They do less work and still make more profit. Is it wrong? maybe. But they’re a company and at the end of the day they’re gonna do what best suits them rather then there customers. I would agree on saying Apple is money hungry. But their money hungry ways have worked just fine all of these years, and I’m pretty sure it will for much longer. When they need to make a change they will. One person can’t define how “good” a product is. ou can’t satisfy everyone.

  • JaronDeonReid

     @KelcyDeeds1  Ronny Plett Well DONT BUY IT! People who have purchased the iPhone before must like the design meanig they also like this one. Why change something people like. IF YOU WANT CHANGE , LEAVE. They’re barely keeping up with over 500 million iPhones sold, OH YEAH ! ha . by HATER !

  • JaronDeonReid


  • JaronDeonReid

    I love this! I totally agree!

  • TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse

    From article: ” The majority of consumers find the larger devices uncomfortable to use single-handed.”
    I find it funny how much inaccurate info is used in this article to try and make the iphone sound better. When in fact a recent PHONEDOG MEDIA ARTICLE proclaimed: “Study Shows Customers Like Bigger Screens” http://www.droiddog.com/android-blog/2012/09/study-shows-customers-like-bigger-screens/

  • TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse

    fyi, i know the quote said “single handed” but the context is meant to imply that people like smaller screens, while we know this to be false. 

  • EuroYellaDude

    @Andrew I agree! The iPhone is a great looking device but after Sept 19 once those few updates are pushed out to all current iPhone users the 5 will collect dust on the shelves…

  • EuroYellaDude

    @K12123 TRUTH!

  • EuroYellaDude

    This is a great article! Eye opening… However Apple needs to adopt a new design and bring some creativity into the 6! The iPhone 5 is a tweaked 4S… Expectations were higher, but overall it’s still a great device…

  • LV2355

    If there are no new innovations, why should I buy this iPhone5?
    Is that much different from iPhone 4S?
    Why should I upgrade my phone?
    How can other OS-ses can have so much improvement and iOS just manage to incluse just a very small part of these new ideas?
    iOS6 still looks like the first version (2007). Don’t you think is time to improve some no-so-well-parts of this OS (notifications, home screens, widgets, use 3rd party apps more easily – for sharing, browsers, and so on)?
    Where is Jobs (Cook) to steal all those great ideas other OSses have? 
    Apart from making the iPhone5 longer (great for movies/pictures), there are no innovation at all… There is no reason for me to upgrade my phone.

  • LV2355

     @Applefangirl Not the size? :)

  • Rickio Anderson

    I was very disappointed with this iPhone announcement.  I believe that Apple is starting to lose their competitive advantage.  They always are ahead like when it was Apple vs. Microsoft during the computer wars then Microsoft eventually surpassed them.  The same thing is happening in the Cell Phone Market.  Apple was once in first, and then suddenly their competitors are starting to surpass them with awesome features.  One thing Apple should do is to stop using the same design and try something completely new.  They also need to start adding new features and stop keeping certain features away from consumers that their competitors already have in their phones.  This is why Apple’s market share hasn’t increased while competitors like Samsung, HTC, etc have increasing market shares.  It took apple 2.5 years to add 4G while their competitors had it since 2010 and 2011.  Revolutionary my ass!!  This is exactly how the iPhone 5 should have looked.

  • AlzainAli

    @Rickio Anderson Market share hasn’t increased?? Are u living in a cave, it’s at a ALL TIME HIGH. Stocks are about to hit $700 and it’s worth $650 billion as of now, Samsung and htc can’t touch it.

  • but the samsung GS3 outsould the 4S even though its only been out for months making it the most purchased phone in history. suck on that apple fags