iPhone 5 benchmarks published: fastest phone on the planet

Over at PCMag.com earlier today, a list of numbers and figures were published showing just how well the iPhone 5 performs against its competition and against older iPhones. In almost every category and test, the iPhone smokes its competition. Just goes to show, you don’t need to boast about specs to have a great device. The most recent benchmark to make the headlines earlier this week was the Sunspider result. The sixth gen iPhone became the first ever phone to break the 1000ms milestone.

As I’m sure you’ve picked up on, the Galaxy SIII does beat the iPhone in one or two categories, but, not overall by any stretch. Perhaps indicating why Samsung is running its childish smear campaign, and attempting to ban the iPhone 5 before they know what’s in it. Is the Korean company intimidated by Apple’s new device? You decide.

What this means to the end user/general consumer is that performance on the iPhone 5 should see it placed as one of the top smartphones for the next year at least. It’ll be interesting to see comparisons once the Lumia 920 and the next Nexus phone are released. Stay tuned.

If you’re curious to see how well it does against its ancestors, the iPhone vs. Every other iPhone, ever, is below:

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  • JBLmobileG1

    I am sure once the Galaxy S3 gets Jelly Bean on it things may change. As for Samsung being intimidated by the iphone and wanting to ban it, I don’t think it has anything to do with being intimidated, but rather to give Apple some of their own medicine. After all you must remember Apple started all this crap with the patent wars, suing, and banning phones. If anything Apple seems like the ones who are intimidated.

  • Tonybabo

    My wife got her IPhone 5 yesterday and that by far is the nicest phone I’ve ever used. It’s not surprising that it is the fastest phone. The 4 inch screen is beautiful I thought for sure it would look weird or to thin but it actually makes my 4S look off. Picking up the phone feels like quality, it does not have that cheap plastic feel, it’s so much lighter then my iPhone 4S. This phone is awesome, no doubt. Apple did a awesome job with this phone,

  • Tonybabo

    @JBLmobileG1 I don’t blame Apple at all. Samsung clearly copied many things. I think they should pay something to be fair then go about making there phones. This upcoming year is a real test for Samsung. Apple didn’t put out any groundbreaking new features they just improved on what they had. So now we can see how Samsung takes advantage of that. Let see what innovative feature they can offer. I’m talking a real innovative feature not just a wider screen or faster processor let see how Samsung will change things when the ball is in there court.

  • MasterSyrron

     @Tonybabo  @JBLmobileG1 So it’d be okay for Apple to “improve on what they had” but Samsung has to “innovate… not just wider screen or faster processor” to impress?
    THAT’S WHAT THE IPHONE 5 IS!!!  Wider (okay, longer) screen, thinner body, faster processor, LTE…  What more can ANY manufacturer do to be more impressive than the others at this point?  It’s really going to level off and be an equal playing field at some point.  Minor incremental improvements don’t make for superior devices.  (Well, shouldn’t, but the consumer buying dollars say otherwise, don’t they?)

  • yamigenshuku

     @Tonybabo Well there is only so much you can innovate on the hardware end and I think most companies do a decent job for the most part to keep their look and feel unique. The thing that everyone seems disappointed the most at is Apple not being innovative with its software, it brought nothing new that we haven’t already seen on 2.2 Froyo. The GS3 has a plethora of features on the software spectrum. You can see huge progression from GS1-GS3 on the software front. Compare all the iPhones and they have very few minimal changes. Oh and I do think Apple needs to be banned, they can rip off Froyo AND copy the notification center straight out of Android and still want to sue people for colorful icons? Seriously?

  • Guest911

    @yamigenshuku Copy notification ctr? Use your googles to find out if your statement actually makes sense. You might be surprised!

  • JeremyWray

     @Tonybabo  @JBLmobileG1  Ummm, you are aware that Samsung only makes hardware? Yeah they tweak it some visually and add some of their own features but at the core its still Android which is Google’s child.
    And why does Samsung need to take advantage of it? The GS3 came out in early July. And it surpassed almost a years sales of the 4S a few weeks ago……

  • JeremyWray

     @yamigenshuku Please explain how its not true? Just for S&G I “Googles” it. Nothing but tech sites saying that iOS’s notification set up is a rip off of Androids, and well it is. It acts almost the same, it looks very similar, and if this were a court case Apple would have lost. But unfortunately, A. Android is open source and B. Google didn’t patent most of their innovations (hey look theres that magic word) because they never thought that one company was going to attempt to bully others in the way that Apple is today just because they are losing to the competition.
    Competition breed’s innovation, and Apple is trying to still coast along with their minimal updates to amaze people. But in reality all they are doing is slowing the progress of technology to fatten their own pockets. I mean it should raise a red flag that a tech hardware company is richer then the oil companies which we say are greedy every time we hit the gas pump.

  • todddarcie

    Well, I’m currently writing this comment while taking a call and torrenting a divx video onto my 2nd removable 32gb SD card. Do what you want apple but until you build on your idiot-friendly 0-power 0-customization OS, i know where my business is going to stay.

  • Guest911

     @todddarcie Thanks for sharing. I like sites such as this one that allow ALL people to participate – even the retarded ones. Kudos.

  • todddarcie

    If you didn’t understand, all the tasks i have just described are things that every android phone released in the last 6 months has been able to do simultaneously, unlike the iphone 5. IOS 6 is just another perfect reflection of apples need to be a control freak while the capabilities of their devices and versatility of the users’ experience suffer. Also the international s3 using the ARM quad-core processor still boasts better benchmarks than the iphone 5, if you are one too determine capability based on specs rather than the user interface. Take a look here http://www.extremetech.com/computing/136291-iphone-5-benchmarks-slower-than-the-galaxy-s3-faster-than-the-nexus-7. Nevertheless, i do acknowledge the ingenuity of apple’s development team for there work in improving the phone’s memory efficiency and for designing their own core for the first time yet with such impressive IPC improvements. Also, If maintaining my current opinion of smartphones brands after reading an article by some hothead apple fanboy makes me retarded, you can call me rainman.

  • Jon

    Todd, you’re also describing things that most people would never use their cell phone for.  The expandable memory is definitely a boon for the Android phone market, but torrenting is unnecessary even though the iPhone actually can download torrents.  You’ve described a situation that 90+% of the population never experience, or care to experience.  So is the S3 better because of what you just described?  Only in your opinion.
    But I get where you’re coming from.  I was an early Android adopter, and I have owned three different Android phones, including the original Galaxy (which had terrible support and didn’t receive updates until months after other phones) and the Galaxy S3.  It’s a great phone, but the software in it isn’t perfect, and nor is it’s performance.  Over heating and battery problems ring any bells?  No phone is perfect.
    So, if you’re going to denigrate Apple and then in passing praise them for being ingenuitive (thus implying that they’re not quite good enough to be the best, but they try), at least be willing to point out the flaws in the phone that you champion.  All that said – I am as far from an Apple fan boy as you are, but I am getting the iPhone 5 to replace my Galaxy S3.   Not because the Galaxy S3 is a bad phone, but because iPhone 5 is a better phone for me.  Android is great – but it has a lot of growing to do before it can be as clean, care free, and easy to use as iOS.  And yes – the goal is to be easy to use.  The goal is to be easy to use and still be powerful.  Android is powerful, but it is not easy to use.

  • todddarcie

    First of all, I would like to thank you for writing a reasonable, thought-out response instead of just saying that i am retarded like the last guy. I think that you are correct in saying that out of the box, the iphone is more user friendly than the s3. Also, for allot of people the iphone certainly satisfies the basic functions like calling, email, and music, which are all that allot of people want.
    However, my problem with apple is in that the hardware capabilities of the iphone 5 seem like a waste on the highly restricted, outdated ios. I that in their approach to designing the user experience for their products, they should put a little bit more faith in the customer rather than just going under the assumption that there clients are too stupid to deal with true background multitasking, native file browsing, installation of third party apps (without jailbreak of course), power vs performance settings, and access to root directory, or at least some sort of a built-in file browser. I think that a large part of iphone users would certainly appreciate these features, which are excluded not because they are too hard to develop, but because A) they want to control and profit off of every aspect of the user’s experience, from media and apps to system configuration,  and  they actually might challenge the phone’s capabilities. Once the phone becomes less responsive and begins to seem slow (as it would once it starts using a significant amount of its processing power and memory), it seems less “magical” and more like a normal computer, evoking all the frustration and confusion that most of us felt at one point or another.
    In reality, an iPhone user has to jailbreak before they can even come close to many of the features that galaxy s3 users can access with little to no effort. Most of the time this requires a full backup (which does not include any of your jailbreak content) and can be a very, very annoying and tedious task and has to be repeated with every new update. Even with this effort a simple task like watching a movie online (perhaps objecting to pay 20+ dollars on apple’s itunes) is still impossible on ios. Even watching youtube videos on iphone is a huge problem, as most videos published by youtube partners are not available on mobile, and apple offers no user agent changer, which is fine because if they did the plugin would still be unobtainable. 
    I am not ignorant enough to say that apple has not contributed immeasurably to the mobile-device industry or that they do not bring some impressive hardware innovations to the table. I respect their technology, but i despise their design philosophy. Let me do with my phone what i want to do with it, without endlessly working to impose limits. The iphone 5 is a pretty smart looking gadget, but i don’t want to have to live, breath, and crap apple in order to use it.

  • EricBoland

     @yamigenshuku  @Tonybabo notification center come from iOS user Jail Breaking their iPhone, So Apple Fan created the notification center, Not Google, Google copy the notification center from Apple Fans who hack the phone to get it. Google it

  • JeremyWray

     @EricBoland  @yamigenshuku  @Tonybabo  @ EricBoland. That has gotta be the stupidest statement I have ever heard. Notifications in Android have been there since 1.0 in 2008 when it released. The apple fan is named Peter Hajas and app is called “Mobile Notifier”. Peter wrote it for jailbroken iOS devices in 2010 as a reproduction of Android’s notification system. Apple later hired him as an app developer and he designed Apple’s current notification system. This is why Apple’s notifications look just like Androids.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MobileNotifier

  • Mike13

    This is false and misleading information about the Samsung galaxy sIII and its benchmark score from geekbench. They took one of the lowest scores that the galaxy s3 gave when in reality there are over two pages and mainly one full page of s3’s running 1800+ in benchmark score. You are lying to consumers and can’t face the fact that even the highest score on the iPhone 5 still can’t compete with a 6 month old device. If no one believes me go to geekbench yourself and look up Samsung galaxy s III I am not lying to you people this site is though.

  • JeremyWray

     @Mike13 Yes and no, they did take the lowest score because the S3 is supposed to be around 1630 while the iPhone5 is supposed to be around 1600, But the scores you are seeing at 1800+ are from the quad-core international variant not the dual-core stateside version. But the dual-core version is supposed to have a score of 1700+ running Jelly Bean.

  • RobertHorvat

    There is a typo here –
    By PCMag iP5 its not the fastest on the Planet but in the Land (meaning US, meaning they compared the US dual core version of the S3 with Ip5)
    The tests of the quad-core international S3 are completely different story (there some tests prefer iP5 and some S3) GLBench prefers iP5 because its just a raw GPU test.
    In Geekbench quad core S3 beats the iP5 hand on Jelly Bean will just increase the S3 strength :)
    Quick links:
    http://browser.primatelabs.com/ios-benchmarks Cheers