How to: Unlink Facebook contacts in iOS 6 [VID]

This week Daniel has a super quick tip on how to keep your Facebook contacts and your iOS 6 address book contacts separate.

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  • Vlad_Dication

    Hi, thanks a lot for that, was freaking out that I wouldn’t be able to remove all my Facebook contacts. You should also have mentioned that after ticking the Contacts off, you have to click ‘Update All Contacts’ for it to remove the contacts.

  • AS

    Oh thank GOD! I was totally pissed off that my contacts list had all the freaky people who stalk me on facebook.  Glad to be rid of them.


    Thank you so much! I spent hours trying to figure this out. Your solution was quick and painless. I was super angry at all the birthdays and contact information that showed up on my phone without the ability to delete them. BTW, I did not have to click “Update All Contacts” as a previous post stated.

  • laytoncarol

    Ah….the relief! Thank you, Daniel!

  • iPhone user

    Super helpful. Thanks Daniel!