First photos of 2012 iPod shuffle surface, show new colors and textures

With all the hype of last Wednesday’s Apple event finally beginning to die down, people have begun to realize an absentee from the new iPod line-up. Yup, it was nearly forgotten, but iLounge have posted a photo gallery of a ‘refreshed’ iPod shuffle, showing new colors and textures for the device.

I use the term “refreshed” loosely, however, as the only physical changes are a few different (I refuse to use  the term ‘new’) colors, and a return to the classic anodized aluminium texture (think iPod mini). The new, sorry… mildly altered design is not dissimilar to the textures and colors of the revised iPod touch and iPod nano line-up, which is nice, but not really enough to make me want one.

The only change to the device (beside the colors) is the inclusion of Apple’s new EarPods, which is another nice addition, but not one that will leave the hardcore Apple fans salivating.

The information has come straight from Apple, in-case you were wondering, and pricing for the, erm, familiar device will remain the same, at $49 for the US market, and £40 in the UK, and the shuffle is available for purchase right now.


Via: iLounge

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