Expert: iPhone 5 has best smartphone display

For those of you with the iPhone 5, this news should come as no surprise at all. The experts over at DisplayMate have told us that it believes the iPhone 5’s display to be “the best Smartphone display [it] has tested to date.” Wow, that’s some big praise for a Cupertino’s newest device. One major reasoning behind this is that it found it to have the highest contrast rating of any mobile device, and adding to that has improved screen reflectance (or lack thereof), and “significantly improved color quality and accuracy.”

This praise, of course, comes with a few shortcomings as well. What would be an iPhone launch without some though. Apparently, the white point (like most smartphones) is still a little blue, and the battery lasts less time when at full brightness. It did however say that was to expect, as the screen is larger, as is the color gamut, yet the battery capacity is relatively the same. I’m sure no one sits there with their phones screen on full brightness all day just waiting for it to die though, so that shouldn’t bother anyone.

I personally love the iPhone display, and agree with DisplayMate that this is the best I’ve seen on a phone. That is coming from a person who has to go to the nearest Verizon/AT&T store to see the newest devices even if I don’t want to buy them. But I’m no expert, so if you wish to read the full run down on why DisplayMate is claiming this, check out the source link below.

What do you think? Do you agree? What phone is better, if you don’t agree? Let us know in the comments.


Via: AllThingsD, DisplayMate

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  • bondosho

    Compared my GS3 display with a friends iPhone5, and actually found a lot of similarities in color reproduction, sharpness, she even agreed (she has been a long time iphone loyalist). I must say though, the quality of the phone is incredible, and has survived her purse without a scratch, lol.

  • Tonybabo

    I thought it was going to look awkward. To thin and long but that wasn’t the case at all. It was easy to use with one hand and looked really really good. My wife got hers so i got to try it out. It looked so good So much so that when I went back to my 4S it looked fat and small. I can’t wait for the 5.

  • wormywyrm

    This claim is fairly misleading since Lumia 920 has already been announced and is expected to be released within the next couple months and is also expected to have a significantly better display.

  • Guest911

    @wormywyrm Not if you can read. Also, nokia cannot compete with the in-screen tech.

  • wormywyrm

    I am a great reader.  Spec-wise, the lumia has better screen PPI, size, resolution, SENSITIVITY (works with gloves), REFRESH RATE (you can read while you scroll), BRIGHTNESS (looks better outside), reflectance.  A more practical comparison hasn’t been done yet.  DisplayMate and this article hasn’t reviewed it yet and instead is comparing iPhone to phones that were released for the last holiday season when it would be more appropriate to compare it phones like the 920 or at least mention it.