Cygnett Workmate for iPhone 5: First Looks & Gallery

Over the past year or so, Cygnett has been one manufacturer that’s consistently produced great quality cases, and many different varieties of them. The Workmate for iPhone 4/4s was designed to offer protection against the daily grind of life, with its hard outer shell and softer, rubber sleeve. The same thought applies with the new iPhone 5 case, except there’s been a huge design change. Cygnett’s moved away from the bright chevrons on the back, to a much more minimal and simplistic look.

The inner sleeve is lined with rows of protruding “steps” which help offer much more shock absorbency and give more protection to the back of your precious new iPhone. The outer shell has a great soft-touch texture which makes it a joy to hold. Colors are loosely designed to match the Black/Slate of the new iPhone. We’ll have a full review up soon, but – in the mean time – check out the gallery below. If you love it enough at first site, head on over to to order yours. They cost £19.95 in the UK ($25 approx in the States.)


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