Are these the iPhone 5′s redesigned earphones?

If there’s one thing that’s plagued the iPhone experience for everyone over the years, it’s the standard in-box earphones. The odd shape means that – for many – the earphones either fall out or just don’t hug tightly enough to give you an immersive sound experience, especially when you step outdoors. Apple tried – and failed miserably – by releasing its own in-ear headset that were deemed far too expensive.

Vietnamese site,, has leaked the earbuds in the image above, which appear to be genuine Apple design. The site has leaked images of phone prototypes from our favorite fruit company in the past, fairly reliably too. That said, being in prototype status doesn’t mean that Apple will actually release the product in question. In the gallery below, you’ll notice several images of the supposed new headset side-by-side with the existing one.

One of the biggest differences is that the grille covering the speaker is much smaller and situated at the end of a tapered earbud tip which appears to fit inside the entrance to the ear canal. This replaces the old-school, large circular grille currently used. The new shape should help keep the headset firmly attached to your ears, without being as obtrusive as a traditional in-ear piece. There was a video uploaded to YouTube, which has subsequently been removed. Possibly at request of Apple? Let the speculation begin on that.

These new earbuds would be a welcome improvement, but I can’t imagine that sound quality would be that much better than the current set. What are your thoughts? Are you sick of the current earbuds, or do you like they look/feel of them? Tweet: @TiP_Cam

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Steven

    can you do a post with what you expect the new iphone to have and then we can compare it after the release?  What Ive heard is a 4 inch screen and LTE as the main thing; I guess their new mapping technology too.  I recently switched from a 3.7 Android to a 4.6 Android and dont think I can ever go back.  The screen is so much clearer and I dont make as many typing mistakes because the keyboard is larger.

  • KraKsX

    Apple changes 30-pin dock, so its only makes sense that the update the headphones too (both cam out at the same time, right?)

  • Applefangirl

    Must admit .. I HATE apple ear buds.. These don’t look much better. “sigh”

  • chatter

    Steven, here is just MY opinion on this. Obviously many will disagree.
    I have a 4″ Android and an iPod. I type better on the iPod. Android keyboards are …well…average. Now, you can download different keyboards (and I have) and even pay for better ones (I have not) so you do have freedom to choose. As for the screen clarity, I dont know what phone you have but the iPhone screen is really clear and if it is 4″, you should be fine. Good luck.

  • TiP_Cam

    I will most likely do one as soon as we get confirmation on the keynote event time/date. Right now, September 12th is just a popular rumor. 

  • MaeganBabcock

    I hate the standard ear buds.  I did get those Apple in-ear headphones as a gift and have been using them and love them a lot.  I’d never go back to the standard ear buds after using them.