Arctic Architect stylus review [VID]

There are some great styluses out there for the iPad. Particularly handy if you’re a digital artist, or you just can’t bear to make notes using an onscreen keyboard. Arctic’s is an incredibly stylish offering to the market that beats many out there for feel, build quality and practicality.

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  • TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse

    Too bad the ipad doesnt support inductive styli. The s pen on the new windows devices and android phones and tablets beats out any stylus hands down. Its a night and day difference, and trust me…Ive tried sooo many styli. Bamboo, amazon, ayl, adonis, and so many others. Even screwed around with homemade ones. I can actually write in size 2 font with the s pen and have it legible. 

  • tiredofspamfax

    Not durable; like design especially screw cap to keep the nib clean but cap threads were too fine & stripped smooth after ~ 4 months use; I am careful with my things so didn’t force, simply wore down; too expensive for such short useful life.