Apple’s new EarPods get iFixit teardown treatment

As is customary with any new Apple product launch, all the gear is meticulously taken apart by serial teardown artists, As a kid, I was obsessed with taking all my toys and gadgets apart, sadly I never had the skills to put them back together again. It’s why I love these teardowns so much. My curiosity is satisfied, without my expensive Apple gear being damaged in the process. Hashtag Winning!

In the image above the headset is compared to the old earbuds (top). Within the new one is an interesting magnetic coil structure, it looks almost identical to the home-made Arc Reactor found inside Iron Man’s chest (minus the bright light). On a less nerdy/childish note: the teardown revealed some interesting facts.

  • The EarPod speakers house a diaphragm/ paper cone, a voice coil, a permanent magnet, and a cabinet. Previous Apple headphones used plastic cones rather than paper.
  • The new design includes “larger cable wrapping on both ends” to sustain durability and minimize strain on the wires, and Apple removed the external microphone grate to make the EarPods more resilient to moisture damage.
Gallery below for those whose curiosity matches mine (to view the detailed teardown, head on over to iFixit’s page):
Via: 9to5Mac


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