Apple to replace broken iPhone 5 screens in store

It is truly an awful moment when you watch as your beautiful iPhone goes crashing down to hard cement and there’s nothing you can do. In the past, if you wanted to get a cracked iPhone screen fixed, you had to leave your precious iDevice with Apple so the company could send it off to get repaired. However, with the release of the iPhone 5, this no longer seems to be the case.

According to iMore, those with the AppleCare protection plan will get their cracked iPhone 5 screens replaced in-store, rather than receiving a refurbished device or sending the broken iPhone off to get fixed. This report also states that the equipment to swap the screen has started appearing in stores already.

“iMore has learned from sources within Apple retail that broken iPhone 5 displays may soon be getting replaced in-store. This would be a change from Apple’s current iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 practice, which consisted of swapping the entire iPhone out for a new or refurbished one. Sources within Apple retail have told us that equipment used to remove the screens has started appearing in their stores.”

This change has most likely been put in place because of the iPhone 5’s new unibody design, which makes it a lot easier to replace the screen when compared to the previous two iPhones.

This personally doesn’t affect me because I’m far too cheap to get AppleCare, but I suppose this is good for those AppleCare users who have grown emotionally attached to their iPhones.


Via: iMore

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  • thatarmyguy85

    I know with my current Android phone that if I drop it and the screen cracks I can either attempt to repair it myself or find a third party store that would hopefully be able to repair it, although they may have never repaired my specific model of phone.  At least with the iPhone 5, the employees at the Apple Store are trained to fix that exact phone so it can give you a better piece of mind.  I plan on buying the iPhone 5 after it comes out and is available in stores and I will buy the AppleCare with it.  

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

    what an unbelievable tool you are. they only fixing it at stores cuz of soooo many broken screen incidents. you drop it once its shattered. yea the pretty glass ain’t so pretty when its in a million pieces and shredding your fingertips. Idk what android phone you have but all mine and almost all makes and models have gorilla glass you have to be trying to break it to actually break it. you probably don’t even own an android device but decided to come and slander us. shame on you 

  • AndreWilliamsII

     @IkAceEvbuomwan Unnecessary comment is unnecessary.

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

     @AndreWilliamsII too bad your iphone doesn’t correct grammar 

  • AndreWilliamsII

     @IkAceEvbuomwan Someone doesn’t get it.

  • nightwalker

     @AndreWilliamsII  @IkAceEvbuomwan your right Andre…your comment is unnecessary.

  • AndreWilliamsII

     @nightwalker  @IkAceEvbuomwan You’re*

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

     @AndreWilliamsII   the man is taking your side and you’re correcting him? do you have no honor?!

  • AndreWilliamsII

     @IkAceEvbuomwan Someone doesn’t understand what he was saying.

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

    ??? are you ok?

  • AndreWilliamsII

     @IkAceEvbuomwan I’ll leave you here to work on your reading comprehension skills, while you call people that you don’t know tools and accuse them of slander, while I go about my day.  Have fun.

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

     @AndreWilliamsII i see what you did there. you realized your response made absolutely no sense so instead of making a bigger fool of yourself you run away. i respect that. 

  • KyleCrichton

    As a former Genius of an apple store we never sent of iPhones for repair. We replace them (the entire phone) in store for an out of warranty price. This claim is false.

  • yamigenshuku

    While that’s all fine and good, I think they should have been doing this long ago. They noticed how much money tech repair companies were making replacing screens on iPhones is the likely case. 

  • KVKdragon

     @IkAceEvbuomwan  @AndreWilliamsII And yet, some people wonder why trolls have no sense of decorum. Hate back all you want, I don’t really care. You’ve already made yourself look like an utter moron on this page with those comments that portray your lack of reading comprehension. Fire away, all hate responses will be disregarded from this point forward :)

  • KVKdragon

    I really don’t get why people don’t put cases on their iPhones and other smartphones. You practically need one unless it’s specially reinforced without a case

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

     @KVKdragon  srsly man? i cant even talk to you because of you profile picture.

  • clamson95

     @KVKdragon i don’t ever use a case on my 4S. I didn’t on my 4 either and i’ve never had a cracked screen, or even a dent.

  • Guest911

    @KVKdragon Ignore this ikacebitch moron. His grasp of language is lacking. Plus, he is dumb enough to think he is being witty. Double whammy on stupid!!!

  • lcassie01

    why don’t they just use gorilla glass!

  • Guest911

    Its actually Gorilla glass 2 on the iP5. All iP’s use gorilla glass.

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

    you have been lied to my friend

  • IkAceEvbuomwan

    i find that very hard to believe but either way. accidents happen

  • Guest911

    @IkAceEvbuomwan check the latest post on drop tests. I think you have been lied to by the android blogs!

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  • Monirbd

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