Apple maps app already causing trouble? Google rejoices

iOS 6 has been here for exactly one day. It’s undergone some rigorous beta testing, however it appears that one key aspect, Apple’s new map software, is already causing some problems. has compiled a record of 17 people who found problems with the new maps app. It would be pointless listing them all here, so if you’d like to see the full list, click the link above. However, here are some of the highlights:

  1. One user who used the business listing to find a local taxi driver was given the number of a taxidermist
  2. One man was told his hometown didn’t exist
  3. A local mosque was listed as a hotel, complete with bed icon
  4. A government minister urgently contacted Apple over the listing of an airport that didn’t actually exist citing “a grave safety error”

Other errors include faults with business listings, and errors with turn-by-turn navigation.

Sure, this is only the software’s first day in the big wide world, but it doesn’t seem Apple-like to release software to the public that could be so thoroughly incomplete. Do you think these problems are isolated? Do you have any similar experiences? We’d love to hear from you, so leave your comments below!


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  • jack

    As posted under another article, Apple Maps has done a lot of things right, keeping what is still the most intuitive interface for a map app.  However, as the old adage says, “garbage in, garbage out.”  The cartography and the data set is very incomplete compared to the Google backend previously used… and it shows! 
    I would rather have a more robust map data set, even if  means no turn-by-turn directions or the beautiful eye candy that is flyover.  I cannot even read many streets since the data is so old for so many places.  Oh, and traffic is almost non-existent, compared to many other programs.  A very sad day for the Apple experience when the supposed number two most used app is so incomplete.
    Even though one could use a 3rd party app or even the mobile Google map website, I found it easier just to roll back to iOS 5.1.1 for the time being after less than a day at iOS 6 — I can wait a while longer for some the 199 other great features introduced.

  • Bratty

    I love Apple but yes, the maps are not that great. But did I expect them to be? No. Google has 7 years worth of data – they are just better. I do expect Apple maps to catch up though. For now, if someone really wants iOS6 and a good navigation app, try Waze. Its free and does navigation really well. It definitely does not compare to Google but then, very few free apps will ever come close today.

  • bee

    FCPX round 2?