Apple “blown away” by iPhone 5 pre-orders

iPhone 5 pre-orders went live at 12:01 AM PST this morning, and already Apple has completely run through its pre-order stock of the iPhone 5. In an interview with AllThingsD, an Apple spokeswoman relayed the company’s reaction to the unprecedented customer enthusiasm.

“Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible,” Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris told AllThingsD. “We’ve been completely blown away by the customer response.”

Apple is still accepting pre-orders, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait two weeks for delivery. Apple’s latest iPhone model features a larger 4-inch display, super speedy A6 processor, and a new Lightning dock connector among many other great new features. And don’t worry – if you missed the guaranteed September 21st delivery date, you’re not alone.  I have to wait till the second week as well… darn alarm clock failures.

Via: 9to5mac

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  • AnonyMouser

    This is Apple’s marketing strategy, and its old and transparent now.  Create a need by not letting people get it.  They could easily make enough to fill orders.  Sad that this still works on people :(

  • RaduTanasescu

     @AnonyMouser I’m curious how many they sold in these pre-orders. If the number is unprecedented you con’t blame them for not having supply.

  • KeithGoPackersBoror

    True!! I was fooled with the iphone 4 and 4s. Won’t happen again.

  • RonnieLashbrook1

    I got the 21st delivery date :) So glad, even though the Apple Store was having issues/

  • Guest911

    @AnonyMouser Yes yes! Finally a supply chain expert that tells it like it is. Why sell when you can make money by not selling right? That is the Strategy employed by successful companies. Fool people by NOT selling.
    Great post mousy. Now can I have fries with my burger please?

  • Tim Clinton

     @RaduTanasescu  @AnonyMouser I have hear 1.2-1.5 million first day pre orders across the board.

  • Kiingmilli

    @AnonyMouser hating is old too, I’m surprised people are still doing it. Smh

  • @AnonyMouser Are you kidding me?? There might be apple fanboys but then there are definitely just complainers who can’t think of anything else to do.
    You think of apple as some giant factory that could easily spit out iPhones??
    Have you heard the news about Foxconn or the other companies that actually make the parts and will go 24/7 creating the parts?
    Apple pushed to even get 19th of September as a date but new the factories who were making the parts would have to work triple time!
    Yes, it uses a number of marketing strategies that make apple what it is, but complaining about this as a strategy is ridiculous!

  • Oh it’s an iPhone 4! I already have one.. But what’s the harm in buying another one.. I mean apple did go to the trouble of presenting it for the third time.

  • Kiingmilli

    @Potato good comment

  • paolo

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  • eenbox

    Thinking from different perspective of phones where Apple is coming from it simply makes more sense: design of the phone matters on size, thickness, weight, screen, user friendly hardware and the last software user friendly interface… If this is hit on this list when making a phone you a all set.
    IPhone making similar phone one after another from the design perspective allows iphone not to compete with its own products / other iphones so ey make it simple…
    Android on the other side tries anything and everything new and what sticks sticks… What does not, well they make different phone that will be missing something else, then when that “something is missing” then make another phone. Technically Android os based phones simply do not have one phone that does it all… Either screen is too big, or screen not that great, or… Etc … I do not support one or the other but I do see people with Android switching A LOT between the android os phones… Iphone users rarely change it … If it works why change it!?

  • Its really good to know about the pre-orders information of the iPhone5. Apple is world best brand no one is in competition with apple….