AAPL stock hits the magic $700 figure thanks to iPhone 5, where will it stop?

The day has finally come. Not that day, that’s on Friday. But, Apple’s stock has just hit the $700 per share mark, a number that it’s never hit before. It’s an incredible feat for a technology company. Especially considering that only 12 or so years back, Cupertino was on the brink of extinction. It’s now the most valuable company in the world, by some distance. Its market value now sits at a very comfortable $656.00B.

With the iPhone 5 public release happening at the end of this week, it’ll be interesting to see how quickly the $800 comes zooming in from the distance. My question for you, however, is when or if you think Apple’s success is going to end? Was Steve Jobs the driving force it needed? Let us know your thoughts on this.

Via: BGR

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  • tesla2012

    They are losing market share and they are WAY to leveraged on the iPhone and the iPad and it is pretty clear that the iPad is old tech and is not suitable for real work; paperweights for the back of a shelf where most of them currently reside.  It is fairly inconceivable that people will invest in an Apple TV.  Apple products are lucky to make it past the one year warranty.  People expect TVs to last for years.  So who lays out tons on money on a TV that will be dead within two years?   Apple is at its peak.  It has a very very long fall ahead of it.  If you are unconvinced, tell us what it going to save them — suing other companies?   The answer is clear.  Apple is going down and down hard. 

  • ScotMilo

    lol what are u talking about apple has billions in the bank and the new iPhone is expected to sell millions haha.

  • Bratty

    @tesla2012 Dang dope, you smokin da good pipe bro. Pass it along bitch!

  • TiP_Cam

     @tesla2012 lol.. You do know that 90% of tablet web browsing is done on the iPad? iPad’s market share has grown from 62% last year, to 68% now even with hundreds of new devices on the market. iPhone’s market share has also grown in the past year. Not sure where you’re getting your information from, but, it’s completely wrong. l

  • tesla2012

    I suspect or at least hope that none of you guys invest in the stock market.  At the end of the July 25 quarter, Apple sold 20.34 million iPhones, 9.25 million iPads, 3.95 million Macs and 7.54 million iPods.  So, as ScotMilo says, Apple is expecting to sell millions and that, and Bernanke, are propping up the price for now. Looking forward, the 90% iPad is a number that would scare me to death, especially since there will be significantly better  (and we are talking about game changing products that actually will not be paperweights) hitting the market.  The iPod numbers are dropping as would be expected at an increasing rate.  So what happens in two quarters, when the iPhone people have bought  their phones  and the iPad is taking a beating as much better products are available, the Mac is at best fighting to break even and the iPod continues its fall?   The reality is going to be harsh and Asian backlash against the iPhone is a real possibility.  I made a lot of money buying Apple when it was at $50 and it was clear it was going up. It is now clear that it is going to go down.  The cell phone market and the computer markets are cruel.  It is not what you have been, but what you are.  Looking forward, Apple’s tech is not looking up to the challenge.  Maybe they should have invested more than 2% on R&D.