7 must-have apps for iPhone 5

Thanks to Apple finally caving and changing away from the same 3.5″ display we’ve used for years, we now have 4-inches loaded with 727,000 pixels to play with. That gives app makers the opportunity to take advantage. And, although it will undoubtedly take time for developers to get all their apps updated, there are some that have already made their way through to Apple’s App Store. Here’s a list of 7 apps you shouldn’t be able to go without. Only two of them cost anything, so, you’ve no excuse not to try them. (Each title heading is a link to the app’s App Store page.)

1. Facebook – FREE

Zuckerburg’s company finally got rid of the old, buggy and irritating iOS app last month, and replaced it with one which gave notifications instantly and showed what those alerts were for at the same time. It has been redesigned from the ground up. Not only is it quicker, smoother and more efficient, it’s also better looking and more intuitive. The side bar makes access to all your favorite links incredibly easy. It was among the first set of apps updated for the new iPhone’s larger display. With Facebook integrated in to iOS 6 so deeply, you can’t avoid this app.

2. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy – $4.99/£2.99

The game of all iOS games. It was showcased earlier this year at the new iPad’s launch party, and for good reason: the graphics are incredible. On the iPhone 5 it looks fantastic. The app has been optimized for the 4″ screen, and is without doubt one of my favorite games of 2012 so far. Gameplay, value for money and the immersive nature of the campaign mode make it one of the all-time great titles, not just on iOS. Ever.

3. Blast A Way – $1.99/£1.49

I only discovered this game yesterday, and I’m hooked already. Essentially, you’re a 3D character with a cuboid head who’s trying to get launched back home by setting foot on a checker-board spring-loaded circular pad. It’s so fun, and it makes your brain do some work. Different types of bombs are utilized to blow up (or rebuild) blocks, or teleport your character. The further in to the game you get, the more engrossed you’ll get and the more complex the weapons and levels become. Stunning graphics, and very addictive.

4. GroupMe – FREE

GroupMe is more of a service than just an app. It’s a cross-platform, group messaging service. Not a day goes by that I don’t use it, it’s the way the TiP crew keeps in touch throughout the day with articles and stories that are being covered. Without it, my life would be a complete mess. Obviously, you can use it for much more than work. Get family signed up, or groups of school friends/colleagues and keep in touch all the time without paying for it (carrier data charges apply).

5. FlipBoard – FREE

If you love keeping up with news, and keeping an eye on your favorite websites and twitter without having to switch between pages on Safari, you’ll love this. Not only that, it’s the app that transformed the way we view our feeds when the original iPad was launched. It turns them all in to a beautiful, almost tactile magazine.

6. Skitch – FREE

Launched by Evernote around the same time that Apple dropped the iPhone 5, it’s a very simple and elegant way to add annotations to images and documents. Thanks to its user friendly user interface, it makes circling, pointing arrows and adding texts ridiculous easy. In fact, even my 3 year old daughter could handle it. Also, if you’re an existing Evernote user, it adds everything in to your online journal space.

7. Comics by Comixology – FREE

One of my favorite apps for the iPad has been enhanced for the 1136×640 Retina display on the 6th gen iPhone. It’s the ultimate app for any comic book fanatic, featuring works from virtually every single studio including the major: Dark Horse, DC, Marvel etc.


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