22% of Android users will switch to the iPhone according to the latest survey

A very interesting survey has just been released over at AskYourTargetMarket. The survey rotates around people planning to buy smartphones in the next 6 months. Perhaps the most interesting to us iOS fans is that far more Android users are wanting to switch to the iPhone than vice-versa. 

Of all the iPhone users out there, 87% are planning to buy another iPhone in the near future. 9% will switch to Android while only 4% will consider any other platform. On the Green Robot side, 22% are likely to switch to iOS while 73% will stay in the green army. Within the same survey, some other interesting nuggets of information arose.

  • 75% of current iPhone users will upgrade to the iPhone 5
  • Females are 2.7 times more likely to settle for an older model iPhone than males
  • Out of all the iPhone users in the States right now, over 50% use the iPhone 4. 23.5% use the 4S.
  • Those planning on buying the iPhone 5 will likely declare their anticipation twice as often as those planning on the next Android phone.

To see the entire infographic in PDF form, hit this link .

Via: Fortune

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  • braydon2689

    Switching from android to iPhone 5 and I am so excited !

  • impulse101

    I’m switching from iPhone to android. 4″ screen, crappy maps.I ccould go on and on. there is areason android owns 70 percent of the market

  • yamigenshuku

    Switched from iOS to Android, never looked back.

  • Captainchris

    @impulse101 you won’t believe me, I’m not a apple fanboy, but the reason android has 70% of market share probably is due to the fact that only AT&T carried the iPhone from 2007- 2010 (I think is when Verizon got the iPhone) and not so much because android reins supreme. I have had the 3GS, Evo 4g (WiMAX), galaxy s II nexus s, 4s, HDTV arrive, and now the 5 and have loved them all to some extent, but iOS by far is more refined and reliable, and the iPhone 5 screen blows away any screen monster androids have. In close second is windows phone (which I think will take the lead in terms of functionality), with android bringing up the rear. Sorry fella, android is just too sloppy and buggy. It’s fun, and I LOVE flashing roms, and other tweaks. It’s just not as nice.

  • allmotor91

    @impulse101 They flood the market with cheap junk. They are not winning in profit share the only thing that matters.

  • LV2355

    “22% are likely to switch to iOS”
    Aha, “…and mammoth and picked wild fruits, mushrooms, honey, insects and amphibians”.
    Yeah right!
    Once you go Android you’ll never go back.

  • LV2355

     @Captainchris Yeah right!
    You never own a good phone. And going from 4G to 3G? LOL. I do NOT belive you.

  • LV2355

     @braydon2689 Like this excited?

  • LV2355

     @impulse101 Captain Chris does NOT care about crappy maps. He’s excited only to touch the iPhone 5. Nothing else matter for him :))

  • LV2355

    Bad news for iPhone 5 lovers: http://www.droid-life.com/2012/09/25/iphone-owners-waiting-on-google-maps-app-the-wait-is-over-its-not-coming/

  • Captainchris

    @LV2355 I’m on sprint, 4g barely exists so that has no effect on me. I’m pretty sure the galaxy s II is one if the top android phones of its time so… Yea. Plus I have used the Evo 3d and Evo 4g lte extensively. I am one of the least fanboy people you would ever meet because I love all of the technology, but iOS just works better, that’s it. I walked both sides, (all three including my windows phone), I love all sides. iOS may not have the most “features”, but it is without a doubt the most refined. I actually would have held out for a windows phone 8 had the announced a release date for sprint, but sprit has no plans to push windows phone, and the 5 looked amazing. I could are less If you “believe me.” I know, I, unlike others, actually use all of the phones objectively.

  • Captainchris

    @LV2355 @impulse101 Captain Chris doesn’t care about crappy maps. Captain Chris knows how to get around his very small city. And when captain Chris travels, he uses navigon since cloud based maps are useless in rural areas. Captain Chris knows what is really important to him and since captain Chris is an adult, he knows that what’s really important is reliability. Plus apple upgrades their phones for at least 4 years, so captain Chris’s iPhones will always be up to date while android phones are lucky to be upgraded once, unless they flash a custom rom, which is admittedly very fun.

  • furry8888

    I doubt over the next 6 months we will a major shift in smartphone market share, the iPhone 5 will simply help keep apple where it is in terms of market share maybe gaining a few percent. The Galaxy S3 is selling well, the Galaxy Note 2 is coming out soon, also HTC has a few highend devices planned. Also a survey of 600 people is simply not big enough to get much of an idea.