Walmart testing out iPhone-based checkout system for retail stores

Reuters reported today that retail chain Walmart  is testing its new “Scan & Go” self check out system in a store in Arkansas that allows iOS users to scan items with their device as they shop, and then when done, to stop at a self checkout on their way out of the store to complete their transaction.

Walmart’s official statement regarding this new service:

We are conducting a study to assess the usability of the Walmart iPhone app’s new Scan & Go feature. Scan & Go enables you to scan products with your phone and bag them while shopping in a Walmart retail store, and then use the Self-Checkout at the front of the store. This survey includes questions to help us determine if you qualify for an interview session. We are simply trying to get feedback from real people on whether this new system is user-friendly, and we think you will find participating in this study fun!

Walmart had test sessions earlier this week, with those who participated in the test being compensated with a one-hundred dollar payment and a $25 Walmart gift card for their sixty minute sessions.

Walmart has not yet released to the the public how exactly this payment system works, but the concept sounds good to me because I personally don’t like dealing with cashiers, and find it much simpler to do this without using the current annoying self checkouts that have no idea if you have bagged an item or not.

What do you guys think? Will this idea just come and go or is it the future of shopping? Let me know in the comments.

Via: MacRumors

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  • Dferbs

    They already have this at a bunch of stop & shop supermarkets on long island! It works great and saves a ton of time.  Only downside is people bagging stuff they didnt pay for but they would have to work out some type of spot check system to prevent this.

  • Kevo

    I would love this simply because I work at Walmart, often buy my lunch from the store during my lunch break and hate having to wait in line (ergo wasting my lunch break), and own an iPhone. This would save me so much hassle because I could scan my stuff and wait to pay after work (I have often snipped the barcodes off stuff because the lines were too long and paid later).

  • BrandonCollins1

    going going gone Walmart wont do it the possibility to be ripped off is to high i work for Walmart and they wont even let you do the current self check out without an associate watching you