Kenny The Clown caught using Steve Job’s iPad during routine

A child entertainer by the name of Kenny the Clown has been arrested in San Francisco after being caught in possession of an iPad stolen during the burglary of Steve Job’s home last month.

Kenny the Clown… stolen iPads may be the least of this man’s problems…

Kenneth Kahn had used the device to play a number of songs during his act, including the Pink Panther theme tune, and several numbers by Michael Jackson. Kahn denies knowing that the device had been stolen, and claims that it was actually given to him by the burglar, 35-year-old Kariem McFarlin. Along with the iPad, McFarlin stole Macs, jewellery, iPods and Jobs’ wallet, inside of which was the late head of Apple’s driving license, and his famous $1 salary.


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  • MichaelMurdock

    What a moron. Glad they caught him. Pretty sad that these idiots did this. And everyone knows that’s Steve Jobs’ house. No excuse. 1 million hours community service, 5 years in jail, 250,000 fine, see ya!!!!

  • TonyDaysog

    Correction: Ken was not arrested.  The police simply asked him to return the iPad, which he did.

  • MichaelMurdock

     @TonyDaysog good to know. Hope they throw the book at the true thief. LOSERS.

  • Timmy

    Woooooow I wish they worked this fast when my house was robbed… All we ever got was insurance money a month later and the thieves were never found.