Jobs estate burglar facing over eight years behind bars

Thirty-five year old Californian, Kariem McFarlin, was recently arrested for robbing the house of the late Steve Jobs on August 7th. When ransacking the house of the former Apple co- founder, McFarlin stole Jobs’ wallet, two iMac’s, three iPods, three iPads, and around sixty thousand dollars worth of valuable jewelry.

Picture of Mcfarlin


Before exiting Jobs’ property, McFarlin snagged a key to a Mercedez, and threw over furniture such as couches and chairs, so he could safely drop the Apple products outside of the window. He then proceeded to pack all the Apple equipment into his car, in which he was living in, and drove away from the property.

The house manager noticed the key McFarlin had used to break in to the house was missing, and police were notified the day after the robbery. Authorities were able to track the burglar once he powered on one of the iPads. The device connected to Apple’s servers for routine updates, and through collaboration with Apple and the Palo Alto police force, authorities were able to locate McFarlin based on the iPad’s IP address. Realizing that the iPad was connected to the Jobs family’s Apple ID, they were able to confirm that the iPad was indeed stolen property.

McFarlin was promptly arraigned on August 7th, and has remained in the county jail ahead of his next court date for failing to post a bail of $500,000. He faces a maximum of seven years and eight months locked up in jail, which would include a one year enhancement  for “excessive taking of property.” We can only hope that the judge isn’t a PC fanboy, and that this man faces the justice he deserves.

Following his arrest, McFarlin asked to write an apology letter – most likely to Laurene Powell and her family – explaining that he was indeed the burglar, and that his motives were purely out of desperation. Though, if the rest of the Jobs clan has any of Steve’s fire, I don’t think McFarlin will be getting off that easy.

Via: AppleInsider


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